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    How do you look after your engagement ring?
    I’d love to leave the ring on my finger and only take it off once when a wedding band slides on my finger before my engangement ring is returned but I am also worried about damaging my ring.
    When do you take you ring off?



    I take mine off regularly depending on what I’m doing. I have a raised setting so I was take it off in bed in case it gets caught on a tread on the sheets etc and either damages the sheets or the ring. I never wear mine when cleaning. Most cleaning chemicals will tarnish rings (in particular white gold) so I always make sure it’s either off or I have gloves on. For the same reason I don’t wear it in the shower so the metal doesn’t tarnish. If white gold tarnishes it needs to be replated (which you should do at least everyday couple of years anyway) and when you do that they need to take it for a week or so.
    i know it’s nice to leave it on but it’s costly to fix so it is really important to care properly for your ring.


    Thanks for your reply.
    It is hard to balance the sentimental with the practical!



    I leave mine on all the time, that is until I realised I couldn’t wear it during water aerobics due to the salt water being so harsh and I had to get it professionally cleaned. My ring was supposed to be platinum coated but when we had it cleaned it turned out to be solid silver, so even after all the research, searching and visiting multiple stores we got cheated and were only offered a $10 store credit (what a joke!). I got a ring with a solitare setting but didn’t want anything lager than 1 carat to reduce catching, and have a setting that isn’t too raised up; I also avoided multiple stones or settings that were likely to fall out as I’m clumsy. I chose unique, feminine touches like the band tapering towards the stone rather than something more elaborate because it was more my style and would be more interchangeable with other jewelry and outfits.
    Eventually I’ll get the band re-made in real platinum and the wedding bands will be platinum as well (which is a hardier material) but silver and white gold can still be beautiful metals, but like any metal they will need occasional cleaning. Staying away from harsh chemicals (take your ring off before cleaning, especially with bleach etc.) and steer clear from salt water as they will tarnish your ring.
    Give your ring a regular clean in a gentle detergent (one specific to the metal your ring is made of is best) and every couple of months have a professional, detailed clean (or before big events to make it look spectacular). As Bec said, white gold is rhodium plated to protect it and will need to be re-plated, if you don’t take care of it it may be as frequent as 6-12 months; but if you’re careful you could wait up to a few years. Find a place you trust, shop around, but some jewellers will offer free cleaning when you purchase your ring for either a set amount of time or even forever.


    i leave mine on all the time… although i probably shouldn’t… the jewller was like “when you are around the horses etc. etc. don’t wear it !!!” and for me it’s like “oookay so i like, never wear it then ?” haha i’m always around our horses and dogs.
    it came w/ a care plan and i can always drop in anytime i am @ the shops and they will clean it for me forever so that makes me feel better…


    Has anyone insured their ring? I don’t have contents insurance, what companies do just rings against damage/loss?



    My ring is insured as a portable on my contents insurance. I also have care plan that covers damage through normal wear and replating of the white gold etc…are you living with someone who does have contents insurance? You could ask them to add it on and you’ll pay it…not sure if companies do insurance for lost/stolen rings on there own. One thing to consider through is that the average excess for contents insurance is $1000 so if your ring is worth around that amount it’s probably not worth being insured for or if you find ‘ring only’ insurance you’d want to check how much the excess is and if it’s worth it.

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