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    Hi Ladies, 
    I’d like to know if any of you have had people not RSVP a week after RSVPS are due, my final numbers are due this Friday, my cake went in today. RSVPs were due last Monday, I have one person who even after 3 extra days and a reminder, still doesnt have an answer yet (even after 12 months save the date notice and 7 weeks invitation notices) so I have given her an extra couple of days, up until my last day before numbers are due. Another I havent heard from at all, I sent a reminder text after the date and a call where i left a message and still nothing.I have another 4 who have also not responded but for personal reasons, i have decided to cut them out. My deadline is Friday to have everything in and ideally i’d like a couple of days before this to finalise everything. My question is, does this happen often and when is it ok, to say “sorry you didnt respond in time and we have now finalised everything”? 
    I dont want to sound bitchy or anthing, i just have a deadline to meet my wedding is in 3 weeks time.



    7 weeks isn’t really that long for an invitiation period, however if the RSVPs haven’t come in by the cut-off date, just don’t include them. You should call and say “I’m sorry but I didn’t receive your RSVP by [insert date here] so I’ve had to remove you from the guest list, I had to give my final numbers to the caterer and venue and could not guarantee your attendance before submitting them.”
    The RSVP is a strict dead-line, and it is considered very rude to not respond (either yes or no), basically if they don’t reply in time (unless special circumstances like they were overseas, or there was a family emergency, or the reply got lost in the mail) then they don’t get a seat.
    You should always allow for at least 20% non-attendance, as well as 2 weeks to a month of leway (depending on your guests) for people who forget or need a call-back.



    Stick to your deadline. if people do not rsvp assume they are not coming. 
    I have family who are really lax in rsvp and I’m going to go hardball. If I do not get an rsvp I am not payingfor them or allowing them to come. Family or not



    Im allowing two weeks to chase non-rsvp by date but then I built this time into RSVP date lol – this will give me a true month before the wedding.  I plan on telling the people I have to contact to chase late RSVP that if I dont hear from them within this two weeks then they aren’t coming – its that simple!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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