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    Hello, Just wondering if other people have the same problem with people still to rsvp by the deadline on the invite and what did they do about it. I’m actually a few days off the date but want to come up with a game plan because I have a fair amount still to rsvp. I find it quite rude and annoying. I think a lot of family might assume that we know either way because its come through the grapevine already but if we dont hear it from them, we don’t want to include them in final numbers. How did you tackle this problem, polite email, short txt message, phone call even? 


    If a lot of the people are your friend of facebook that is a good place to start. Make a post saying ‘thanks to all the people who have rsvp to our wedding, those that haven’t we need to know soon please :)’ or something like that in a friendly kinda way. I would them send a group email a couple of days later to all the people who are still yet to rsvp, it is very possible to do so without comming across rude. They are the rude ones for not replying but don’t let it get to you, no need for that kind of stress. I would also consider calling on family such as your mum and mum-in-law-to-be to call rellies and check for you. This is my plan for in a couple of weeks time anyway :) good luck.


    I’m in the same situation except my RSVP date was last Monday, a week ago. I have one friend saying she still doesnt know (wedding is in 19 days!) and one i cant actually get a hold of, sent a text no reply, tried to call straight to message bank. 4 others are family who have not responded at all, so have decided to remove them from my list. The other 2 I have given until Wednesday (i need final numbers Friday) which is a week and a half after the RSVP due date, after Wednesday they will get a message saying due to their lack of RSVP we will be taking their non reply as a no and they will not be counted in the guestlist.



    I think you should wait about a week after the due date before doing anything – you might find that it completely slipped people’s minds and they pop them in the post pretty much on the RSVP date (so they may trickle in over the days following).
    As the week draws to a close, make a list of all the people who are still yet to RSVP. Do your best to contact these people (mum or mum-in-law are often happy to help out) and explain that you really need final numbers for catering. Getting their confirmation over the telephone (write it all down though) should be fine rather than making them send the card in now.
    If there are people that you are still yet to hear from, keep trying up until the day that you need to hand your final numbers over. Do not include them in your final count, as it is very unlikely that they will be turning up now anyway. If they do, have someone gently explain that, as they did not RSVP and no one could get a hold of them, they have not been included in the reception.

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