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    Hi all
    So we have a vintage theme to our wedding, my dress, hair and makeup is all 1940’s inspired..
    I am trying to find a nice bright red lipstick that when FH and I do the big kiss he wont end up looking like a clown with a bright red pout of his own…
    Any suggestions???



    Hi Excited Bride
    We highly recommend MaxFactor Lipfinity and Maybelline 24hr long lastings lipsticks to all of our clients. Maybelline in particular have some fantastic red’s out at the moment and if you run into Target now they’re 25% off. We love them because they don’t go on your teeth, or the groom, and last for hours!
    Kylie (Reveal: Hair & Makeup)



    I wore Ruby Woo by Mac. It didn’t come off in ‘the kiss’ or any family kisses thereafter. It lasted all day with only a touch up here and there.
    Do it!! :) It’s the BEST red. and red lips at weddings is still relatively uncommon, do it… you’ll feel and look amazing! :)



    My fiancee and I have done a few trials of lipstic.
    I tried the MAC pro-longwear lip colour and found it didn’t last anywhere near as well as I expected, even with primer, in fact the gloss over-coat caused it to become more flimsy, so I would recommend keeping it a matte finish. I also had it applied in-store at the counter in David Jones by a Makeup artist to make sure it was being applied the right way.
    Next I trialed CoverGirl’s 2 part lp colour (I can’t remember the exact name as I no longer have the box, but the colour is number 265. It has a gloss top-coat making it sticky and it came off in big chunks pretty quickly. It was disappointing.
    Next I bought Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Colour in 025 ‘Keep up the flame’ I found this lasted a little longer but nowhere near 24 hours. It did flake off while eating (as did all the others because I wanted to put them through the test) and despite this being a ‘micro-flex- formula or whatever it was still a little brittle. However it flaked less quickly and in smaller pieces, making it less noticable than the others. The balm that came with it also had a nicer finish.
    I also tried a lip stain, Revlon’s Just Bitten in Twilight,I should warn you that especially with my already naturally darker pink lips it looks very vampy and dark, more of a burgundy than a red. Also, if you do not exfoliate your lips very well it will look patchy. I’d suggest using a stain under your lip colour though to cover up wear and intensify colour payoff.
    If you want dark lips, or red lips go for a very smooth, matte finish on your foundation, it really needs to be flawless with minimal blush and toned down eyes (maybe with a touch of cat-eye eyeliner). Dramatic lips need to be balanced, well lined with concealer around the outside to sharpen the line and cover any colour bleed or mistakes. ading a pop of gloss or lighter colour in the centre of the bottom lip and cupids bow will also make them look lush, kissable and pop.



    My friend wear’s MAC and it lasts her all day even after she eats. The key is keeping it matte rather than high gloss. Use a lip liner from mac and a lip colour. lasts forever! 
    Another alternative is to use a lip stain rather than stick. this will actually stain your lip and wont come off at all and keeps your lips kissable :)

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