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    Hi Knotties, I am getting married in Fiji in June and will have 5 kids at the reception. Their ages are 1.5, 3.5, 6, 8, 13 and the 6yr old is the only girl. I want to make little activity packs for them to keep them occupied at the reception. The older 3 are easy but I need help with the younger. Their parents are friends of FH who live in NSW (we are in perth) so i havent met them and dont know how capable they are. Id like the activities to be things they can do together or bythemselves but all without the aid of adults, and they need to be inexpensive and easy to transport in our luggage. Apart from colouring in what can you suggest?
    Thank you



    What about play dough or a deck of cards for things like snap? the 13 would prob be too old for most of those things so maybe give them a camera and ask them to take photos of people through out the wedding (give him a job rather than stuff that’s just to keep him busy). You could even check with the parents and find out if they have something such as a tablet and if your happy from them to bring them it’s a great way to entertain kids without an adult. The 1.5 would be too young to really do things on their own for more than 5 minutes (even just from a safety point of view). If you want the parents of kids under 5 to not need to be entertaining or supervising the kids the whole time, maybe organise a teen whose attending ( if there is one) to do some ‘baby sitting’ and have an activity corner or table. 



    Hey Bec, they  are some great ideas! I know the youngest will not be able to be left unsupervised but something to keep him quiet for a bit. I’ll ask his mum if she has any ideas. Thank you again! 



    As the older sister of an 11 year old, a 6 year old and a 2 year old I thought I would throw in my 2 cents lol. Some of the things that my siblings love doing and could easily be put in an activity pack are: puzzles (get ones with few pieces for the littlies), play dough or modelling clay, craft activities (such as decorating an ornament or a frame), books, magazines (there are some kids ones around they might like), and mini games (like a travellers snakes and ladders). They also love to dance, so encourage the kids to get on the dance floor with you all! The suggestion of asking their parents was also great, as they’ll know their interests better.


    Wow! not a bad ideas.  I am totally agree with Bec that the youngest will not be able to be left unsupervised but something to keep him quiet for a bit. 

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