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    My fiance & I are planning our wedding for the 27th of June in 2015. 
    We’ve already started researching venues so we can narrow down prospective sites to visit over the Festive Season. We’ve got some rough numbers for the guest list, and the bridal party has pretty much been picked. I made up some little packs which have been mailed to my bridesmaids while I’m with my family in a different state…this way they can’t maul me in person, and they’ll be too excited when I get home!! :) 
    We’re planning on a church wedding, but very low key, as neither of us are interested in all the bells and whistles. My fiance though would like to ensure that it’s as special as possible. 
    I’ve arranged for both Mother’s to visit us in Brisbane early February to come with me when I look at dresses for the first time. As I was adopted as a toddler, and only connecting with my biological family a few years ago, I would like my Mother to experience being the MOB as much as possible, though she does live in South Australia. 
    So other than that….house hunting comes first, wedding is being dealt with as needs be. One day at a time, and just keep swimming!! 


    Hi CariG,
    You sound like a very well organised and calm bride! Good on you!
    Sweet of you to include your biological mother in the wedding dress shopping. I’m sure she would love the opportunity to be part of it.
    The house hunting and planning a wedding part, i can relate to. We had to do that after we were engaged, but luckily everything falls into place when you let it.
    All the best with the planning. You’ll be a very relaxed bride by the sound of it :)
    Rachelyn Halliday

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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