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    Anyone else getting married in June 2014. Winter wedding in Melbourne :)


    We are! June 8 for us, in Greece.
    A Melbourne winter wedding will be lovely!


    I can now join the June 2014 brides! My fiance and I have a long talk last night and have decided to move the wedding forward a year… so we will also be having a Melbourne winter wedding, June 7th 2014… how’s your planning going ladies?



    June 15th for us. We picked Mana Island Fiji for a destination wedding and honeymoon combined. Two whole weeks on a small tropical island, 1 hours ferry ride from the mainland. So excited!!


    Hey ’14 brides, how’s all the planning going for next year? So far I have the venue, celebrant, shoes, dress design, stationary, currently looking into phtographers and trying to get my ring made. I still don’t have it!
    We’re getting married at Montsalvat, Eltham. Not sure where we’re honeymooning yet, we’re thinking Italy, Paris and Ireland. But that will be 6 months after the wedding, as we’re both teachers and want more than the 2 week mid-year school holidays for the honeymoon!


    Just got engaged and set the date! 21st June 2014…. So excited!!


    9 months to go ladies! How are the plans going? FI and I have just started looking into places to rent after we get married. We’ve never lived together, so this will be a big step for us. I went to look at a place today and as I was walking around I felt a whole lot of mixed emotions. Excitement about finally have our own space and being able to decide what’s for dinner, but also fear about running my own household and actually having mobody else to fall back on. I’ve always lived with my parents, who aren’t rich but live very comfortably, and now I’ll be thrown into living paycheck to paycheck and I’m scared of failing… Anybody else suddenly freaking out about what marriage means? I’m not in any way thinking of calling it off or postponing, I guess I’m suddenly growing up and realizing I need to start figuring this stuff out now before we live together



    Got engaged about 5 weeks ago and our date is June 6th 2014 in the Hunter Valley. Hopefully it won’t be too chilly!


    Hi EmeraldBride,
    Gosh its like you were reading my thoughts, I had to read it twice! That’s exactly how I felt. I have always lived with my parents being the only child and when we got engaged, we started looking for places to buy. We ended buying a villa in Central Coast which is an hour away from my parents. The first year of living here was full of mixed emotions and feeling homesick everytime my parents visited us. My husband and I would get into arguments with me wanting to run back to my parents all the time (I never did it though). Eventually you get used to it and you will start loving your own space and comfort where you can do anything you’ve wanted to do. In terms of living paycheck to paycheck, well I never really experienced that until owning a house. Its so much more complicating then renting but all the more worth it because its your own home! But you are more encouraged and motivated by instinct to do your best at whatever you do so you can continue to live comfortably.
    Hope that helps calm your spirits. Marriage IS much more than a wedding. It takes work everyday to make it work, thats what I’m beginning to realise.
    Rachelyn Halliday


    Hi Pocadot, glad I’m not the only one! We’ve decided to live where he is, which is a teeny tiny bungalo, one bedroom and a living room with kitchenette and ensuite included, but the goal is to buy in 2-3 years time, so living smaller will help save us some money. 4 months to go and already started moving some stuff over and deciding how I’m going to organize the kitchen. I’ve been practicing my cooking skills as well, trying to nut out meal plans and what are cheap and filling meals, etc. I tell him I’m practicing to be a housewife, haha!
    Only 4 months now ladies!! excitement is in the air!

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