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    Liz Carter

    Hi all! I have a dress but it’s not ‘the dress’ and I’m obsessing over the Jenny Packham Aspen / Dentelle but am too frightened to try it on in store because it’s way over budget. Can anyone advise if it’s possible to get a replica made and if so, are there any recommended dressmakers in Melbourne that I could approach? Thanks



    I looked it up, the dress is lovely and would flatter pretty much any figure, however due to the design if it isn’t done properly with good quality materials it could easily look very simple or cheap as the simplicity of the design really doesn’t give much wiggle room for shortcuts. However this design is very popular at the moment so a lot of designers have dupes of this dress. To be honest I would just take the time to shop around for a similar dress in  lower price-range.
    As this dress has no corsetry or boning, it is quite fuid and flowy so in terms of what you’re paying for there is no need to fork out on a design like this. If it was covered in rhinestones, hand-stiched french lace, high quality silks and full boning, lacing and petticoats then you would expect to pay a designer price. But it is a basic chiffon A-line gown with a touch of simple lace at the shoulders so it really can be cost effective.
    Styles like these are available on Etsy if you want something bespoke (and if you shop around you can find a price that works, just look into the designer, cutomer reviews and get something customised for you), but if you want it for an absolute steal, look to weddingdressexpress as they will make designer inspired/replicas.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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