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    Moni Papa

    Hi everyone,
    I have a beautiful French lace available for sale. Height is 99cm, width is 106cm long It is the same lace that J’Aton used for Rebecca Judd’s gown, hand beaded over the top.
    I originally purchased this lace for a total of just over $2,000 as I was going to use it for my wedding gown.

    I was unhappy with my original seamstress in Melbourne (Ringwood) as she was not creating what I wanted and therefore in the early stages of creating the gown, just after the calico fitting, I decided to part ways with her.

    I stumbled across Helen Manuell also in Melbourne through some forums, and as I was very happy with her creations, I decided to go for a completely different lace. This is how I ended up with this lace left over.

    I am looking to sell this lace now for $1,500. It is in perfect condition, has not been touched or tampered with. Happy for it to be looked at in person, with your seamstress if required. See image below of the actual lace, and also an image of Rebecca Judd’s dress as an example to visualise what the end result of this lace could look like with beading.

    Please email me on mbozinoska23@gmail.com for any pictures or any further questions.

    Actual lace: http://i.imgur.com/Tzat5uo.jpg
    Rebecca Judd example: http://25.meia.tumblr.com/tumblr_ls3tcz6nuQ1qcxvxao1_500.jpg

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