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    Hi ladies, 
    my wedding is next year 30th August 2014 in Auburn, NSW. I am trying to locate some free Ivy or Greenery for my wedding archway and I am wondering if anyone knows of a spot by the roadside near Auburn, Liverpool, Lansvale, Bankstown or otherwise in Sydney where I can source Ivy or Greenery for this purpose? 
    Obviously the wedding is a year away and it is not a huge priority however I am aware that time flies especially with family commitments, work commitments, social commitments etc. 
    I have looked at the fake flower/greenery option and the choices at the moment range from $2 up to $20 per piece of flower or greenery. I really don’t want to use fake products as they can sometimes look awful and tacky, and that’s not the aesthetic I am hoping for. I have googled this same topic and have not found any information so far. 
    I have considered the option of getting greenery delivered however this could cost around $100 to have enough greenery to decorate the archway. 
    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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