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    irma zuhro

    I have a problem to supervise children play in the yard. Sometimes he often berbain something dangerous like a sharp object. I could not control it at all times because it does not have a housekeeper or babysitter. do i need to have to take care of baby monitors?I would immediately go to Ankaka to get it if it is necessary



    Hi Irma, is this your own children,ones you supervise or at your wedding? The level of supervision needed would depend on the age of the children. Young children need to have an adult with them outside as things such as a puddle of water, a fence, a sharp object, rocks etc… Can all result in minor or serious injury. Older children don’t nessecary need someone with them outside but need to be in vision or ear shot of an adult, eg. You can see them through the kitchen window. When their older their better able to modify their behaviours to ensure they keep them selves safe. Speaking as a teacher, young children generally don’t think of consequences when they play, they just play, such as with sticks, without thinking of how themselves or others can be hurt and therefore can easily end up with injuries. Preschool ages kids are at a greater risk.
    if it’s for your wedding and their younger kids, there needs to be supervision, whether it’s a parent or a teenaged cousin or family friend that can babysit.if there’s a kid who does things such as play with dangerous objects then I think they need someone with them outside so you can help them to play safely and avoid injury.
    Just a baby monitor will only tell you there’s a problem after it has occurred rather than avoiding injury in the first place.


    irma zuhro

    Bbaby monitors only complement,would be better if hiring an adult for help.December 3, she even 2 years. and it seems like the best option is to entrust the aunt and pick her up after work

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