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    Hi Lovelies!I have seen a lot about overseas weddings but what about interstate?Long story short my partner and I are both from Regional NSW originally althought he has been in ACT most of his life, the issue is we have guests and bridal party from regional NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD. We live in QLD our parents and part of my family are in ACT but his family is in regional NSW and the rest of mine are NSW/QLD so wherever we have it we have 50% of guests needing to travel. We are in love with a venue up here and I HATE the ACT not to mention the only location I like my brother was married at and well they are in the middle of a divorce (she is a crazy bat, long story) so the place is tainted for me.To me it is logical to hold it in QLD because it is where we live however we have had someone mention it should be in ACT (I don’t think they realise how spread out everyone is) because immediate family is there… My parents said they will travel wherever we want it and we will be giving everyone 2 years notice (not until 2015) so it’s not like hey next week, wedding, QLD, want you there situation it is plenty of time to plan ahead.
    Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do about it?


    Hi Melly, I’m not going interstate but to NZ, but I would say to stay where you are and have it in QLD. We’re the opposite of you, we’re going to NZ so we don’t have to have everyone at the wedding. We only want a small affair. But, once again, we have 2 years until the wedding so will be giving out guests (when we decide on the list) plenty of time to rsvp and arrange travel and accommodation. We’ll also be helping as much as we can in finding cheaper flights and accommodation, and see if we can get any large group discounts somewhere.
    I suppose I’m saying don’t be pressured by others to where your wedding should be. if your parents are happy then that’s whats important, and nobody else should be concerned.



    True, as my mum said family would travel for us, they definately would but she is concerned about friends, the friends we are planning to invite are those that travel up here to visit just because they want to for no special reason so there aren’t any issues with them not wanting to come up here it will just depend on timing for them.
    We are only talking about 60 people and most of those are family and the bridal party/partners (don’t have big families but close to them all) and they are all people we would travel for and have/planning to travel to see us for no particular reason.
    Will see how things pan out I suppose but I am glad it isn’t only me that thinks we should have it here where we are :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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