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    hello! i am catholic and my fiance is jewish. we are looking at having an ‘mixed’ ceremony. I know that I will be find a priest to attend our ceremony however I am not sure if any Rabbis attend interfaith ceremonies. Does anyone know if a Rabbi will attend an interfaith wedding ceremony?
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    It will really depend on the person, some are really in the “old way” of thinking and are very traditional, but more and more are willing to cater to diverse relationships. A great option would be finding a celebrant who will cater to both sides of the coin, but no matter what it will be about meeting with them and forming relationships so that you’re sure your wishes will be respected and your personalities reflected.
    My fiancee and I are both Atheists (though she is more spiritual than I) and I come from a Jewish background, so I will be encorporating some of the traditions into the ceremony. We’ll have to find a celebrant who will help us celebrate those traditions without making it about religion, which for us is important. But there are some great celebrants out there to choose from.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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