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    My fiance and I both come from different religious backgrounds (Jewish and Chrsitian) and would like to keep certain religious traditions in our wedding. We will be having a celebrant in an outdoor garden ceremony.

    I am wondering if anybody has been in a similar situation – how to have a ceremony which combines both religions but is of a more spiritual nature? Did you come accross any major obstacles?

    Would appreciate some advice! :-)



    There is a board on the US Knot that deals with interfaith weddings. You might want to check that out if you do not get any response here.


    I am not sure where you are located but this person does jewish & interfaith ceremonies and travels Australia wide.


    Wasn’t there also one in the Katherine Hiegl film 27 dresses but I think that was Hindu/Jewish? Not siggesting that is a great template but might be worth checking out for ideas.




    Thanks for your help! Will check it out :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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