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    Ok so back in June I proposed to my girlfriend after the birth of our first child and a couple weeks later we put her ring to the house insurece with portable insurence at a specified price so were covered the insurence was her choice personally I thought it was a waste now 6 months later down at the beach with friends and kids shes gone and lost her ring shes been scared to claim because I cant find the docket she finnally rang to start the claim and is now in a frantic trying to find photos lucky she took plenty close ups because she was so in love but shes worried the insurence company wont believe she ever owned her ring and might go her for fraud the only photos she can find that you can actually see the ring is her close ups that dont have her in the pick just her hand and it doesnt help that she barely wore it beacuse I bought it just a tad tight and shes additamant it would of fit when she lost some baby weight and swelling so we hadnt had it resized . The way shes stressing about starting the claim makes me worry for her she was already upset now shes worried and distraught because we dont have a proof of purchase she thinks they will see her as a fraud i feel so guilty for not keeping it safe

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