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    Hi all, I just want to really get this off my chest more than anything… My h2b and I have had quite a few issues with his mother interfering and causing problems for us over the last year… She has looked through our private text messages, constantly made the wedding about her and recently upset me where the Bucks night is concerned …. There is way more to the issues we are having but without going into it too much I just want to talk about the recent happenings. I know some of you would disagree with me, but the thought of my h2b having a stripper at his bucks is really uncomfortable for me and doesn’t sit right. He knows that and so does his friends and they have said they won’t get a stripper… However my h2b parents keep questioning why not… And last night his mum actually said to my fiancé, ‘she doesn’t need to know what happens at your bucks, just lie to her.’ And when I over heard I stood up for myself and told his parents that I don’t want one there and if he betrayed me like that there would be no wedding, and that I’m not going to sit back and pretend it’s okay that you’ve told him to lie to me.
    Long story short how would you guys feel knowing your in laws have told your h2b to lie to you? I think that’s probably the worst advice going into a marriage that anyone could possibly give! I’m still so mad about it, but my fiancé and I talked it over and he apologised on behalf of them (his parents just thought my reaction was funny). I just don’t know how to keep dealing with this. His mother seems hell bent on doing ANYTHING and I mean anything to upset me. If she knows I don’t like something she pushes the subject as to why we should do it. To the point that we have been in an argument that she has screamed her head off at me about ( she was trying to tell me what I had to do with the money I saved independently of my fiancé, and which stock markets I have to invest it ect and I told her to back off which made her very upset). ;( I’m just at a loss because my h2b is very close with his family so it’s been really hard for me to be treated like this when he wont take a step away from them and stand with me the way he is supposed to. Has anyone else had any experiences like this that they want to share? Get off their chest? :(

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