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    Oh dear, I think I may have rushed in and purchased a dress that I don’t really love! I purchased it last year and it’s nice, but I don’t love IT. I honestly don’t know what to do. Not sure there are many options just wanting to see if this has happened to anyone else??



    Not to me personally, but to a friend of mine. She had been to a few dress shops and hadn’t found anything she liked, then she tried on a dress that her mum and sister loved on her. She wasn’t completely sold, but the way they were gushing made her hope that she would fall in love with time. She brought her bridesmaids to one of her fittings and not one of them liked the dress – they were all speechless when she walked out of the dressing room and, after she forced the truth out of them, she burst into tears and admitted she didn’t like it either. Because the shop had already started alterations, she basically had to go through with the purchase but she sold it on eBay (at a loss) and instead kept shopping until she found a (much cheaper) dress that she actually liked.

    Are you able to return the dress? If not, I recommend selling it and trying to recoup as much of the money as possible. Then, try looking for another dress – and make sure you love it this time!


    Oh Jessica, this sounds like me! I had been to a few shops, hadn’t found much that suited me. Found “my dress” and though ok, I feel like I have settled though. Trying to be all organized I went ahead and paid in full, argh!!! Reassuring to know that this does happen. Still trying to figure out what I will do. Thanks for sharing your friends story with me x


    you can sell it out at through website.
    and buy one new at Gbridal

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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