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    Nicole L

    I still don’t have a venue, and we are trying to get married in November 2014! we want somewhere in or around Melbourne. We are looking for a simple rustic type venue with a nice environment that does real but simple food cooked well (my partner is a chef). We have about 115 people on the guest list. 

    We are quite simple in our tastes. 
    We are very clear on what we don’t want :
    – no traditional  function centre  (ie no carpet and an inset dance floor in the centre)
    – no round tables, 
    – no chairs with covers and sashes  
    – no double tablecloths
    – no packet mixes or instant food. 

    We have found 2 potential venues but one has a locked in caterer who won’t even return our calls or answer our questions even though we submitted them in writing ( we have been waiting 7 weeks!) and the other is ment to be doing renovations and I can’t be sure the wedding venue  is going to be big enough or whether there is going to be a possibility of using a marquee to make it big enough.

    If anybody has any suggestions i am keen to hear from you! I really want to get married and am really starting to stress





    Hi Nicole,
    have you seen Gum Gully Farm in Silvan? It’s a rustic barn style function centre



    Hi Nicole, 
    You should have a look Vines Restaurant, beautiful restaurant in the yarra valley. I’ve been a guest  there and it’s everything you could want. Incredible food , friendly and quick service and amazing views. Can have a ceremont there, and main restaurant seats 120 people easily. There is still Friday nights available  for Nov 2014. 
    Hope that helps! :) 



    Wow you are cutting it fine! To be honest, most wedding venues that specialise in weddings and events won’t take the booking or will already be booked (especially at that time of year, right in the middle of wedding season!) For a Spring/Summer event you have to book1-2 years in advance at some locations. Especially if you want a Saturday, it will be a real struggle. You may have to look into a Sunday or week-day.
    However, all is not lost, a larger restaurant may just be your saviour. You may struggle to find one that will cater to such a larger number of guests so I would start now. If your partner is a Chef I would suggest he ask around, check with contacts in the industry and see if someone will pull a favour.
    If the caterer won’t reply, don’t risk it, 7 weeks is insane so I’d go elsewhere. If something goes wrong you can’t rely on them, and you need to have any concerns addressed in a timely manner. Especially if they’re not even discussing initial information, be skeptical. As for the renovating venue, I’d put a tentative booking as a back-up, but keep looking as you can’t guarantee they’ll be ready or available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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