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    candy dan

    Have you ever received a gift from your best friend or husband that you never liked or had no use for? What you deal with them?Most of them were unopened in my closet or drawer for months.


    yes,i received some,some of them, i will still keep it at my closet and drawer,and choose others to  my sisters /friends.even diy crafts from them to be the style what you like.


    I pretend that I like them and then hide them away. I make an effort to use them around the particular person who got it for me though, so I don’t hurt their feelings.


    Well have received some and I do the same. Keep them in my closet and wait for that day that they may be needed. A gift is a gift even of you like it or not. I always believe that it’s the thought that counts so if I don’t like the gift I am still thankful that there are persons that are thoughtful enough to give me a gift. :)



    We got some egagement gifts taht we’d never use (like a giant dream-catcher). Although the thought was sweet, it wasn’t “us” at all. I only wish we could do a gift swap of some sort on this forum haha 😛


    Yes I received some gifts that I don’t like but I keep them in my closet or in our storage. It is better if you keep them or you can give this to anyone in your family that likes it. Sometimes those unlike gifts will be needed in the future. My friend gave me a beaded bracelet and I don’t like using a beaded bracelet until someone invited me to a summer/Hawaiian themed party and I used it there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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