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    I proposed to my fiance on Febuary 29th, 2012.  He’s in the RAN and had been at sea for a month. His sub was coming back later than expected and returning home on 29th Feb.
    Once I found out the date I started to hatch my plan!!!!!!  As he’s a submariner we have no contact with each other for the whole time at sea.
    So as his submarine was sailing up the Cockburn Sound I stood at our local vantage point holding a sign up “Boris M will you marry me” ……  I had hours to wait for my answer but eventually I got my call and he said Yes!!
    We still have only just recently set a date as finances have been tight but it’ll be December 21st, 2014!! 


    That’s sooo sweet! I take it that there was another Boris on the sub?
    My Fiance had asked my family the night before. The morning of the proposal was nothing extrodinary, I went to work (from mums place) and thought it was such a stunning day I’d go and have lunch with him. As I was waiting for the time to pass all my family members slowly started showing up (4 sisters, a niece, mum and dad) everyone had their own excuse for coming home early, but none of it was suspicious becuase we’re all a little slack on stunning winters days and prefer to have lunch together if we can.
    Anyway, as the time got close to me to leave for our lunch date, the door bell rang and it was him! All dressed up looking sexy in a dinner suit, a big bunch of red roses, on my mothers porch and bended knee….. I totally lost my marbles and eventually managed a YES 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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