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    Chill Madi

    What are the possible signs A boy can decipher from? (note: me of age 20 wanna mingle with my same age group grls)



    This is a wedding blog, so generally you’d assume you’d be in a committed relationship and either planning a wedding day or considering an engagement; so it seems like a really strange place to ask that kind of question.
    I mean this thread could be a troll, and I could totally be taking the bait, but you asked a question so I may as well answer it in good faith.
    If you want to find someone around your age to mingle with our date, a wedding website is probably the last place to look as most of the women here wouldn’t consider themselves available. I’m in my 20’s and I’m not really as out there as a lot of girls my age, but a lot of younger women like going to clubs, out to dinner, many may be going to university etc. So those are all communities and places you could frequent. I met my fiancée through online dating (we actually met as friends and sparks flew) so that could also be an option for you.
    My advice is to go in not expecting anything, don’t go out just to mingle with people, do it to be yourself, have an enjoyable time,  and if you meet someone along the way it’s a bonus!
    Signs will differ from person to person, some people may be very forward and flirtatious, while others may be more shy and reserved. Also, you can’t expect immediate results, chemistry can take time to develop, but you’ll know it when you see it.
    You can’t force a relationship, things will happen in their own time and your own way; in fact it’s often when you stop looking that someone comes your way. Just get out there, meet people, be respectful and have fun.


    Chris Lee

    I think it is easy, from her expression, her eyes. If she likes to stay with you, likes to talk to you, then she has interest in you.


    trash can

    Maybe she will keep tweeting you?

    Cigarette Trash Receptacles

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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