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    Hi, I need some help. I have never been in a wedding before so I have never had to buy a dress as a bridesmaid, now that I’m planning my own wedding I am wondering how much is reasonable to ask the girls to pay for a dress? I have found a dress I really like for $350 and an concerned that this is too expensive. What does everyone think? How much have you paid for a dress as a bridesmaid?  


    Hi HoneyBee, I’ve never been a bridesmaid but I know normal dresses are a few hundred, so $350 doesn’t sound that uncommon. however I think it’s more about your bridesmaids budget and who is paying for the dress. I would discuss the price with your bridesmaids and see how they feel. Is it a dress they can wear again, or is it too formal? If your bridesmaids are paying for their dresses and think the price is too steep are you happy to chip in some of the cost?



    perhaps discuss with them what they are happy to pay, i bought my girls dresses however they cost me $45 each including postage from ebay and they are absolutely perfect, look at other options with them i asked the girls what designs they liked as after all they have to wear them not me, i then chose a design i liked, i offered to put toward $50 to each dress however then found the perfect one online which cost less than $50 anyway :)


    Actually the amount seems a little expensive to me. My range is 200-300. I found the range is far enough for good quality dress in online stores like shopfromshop.com with nice-looking and decent design



    Thanks everyone for your advice! I spoke to my bridesmaids an 2 thought it was about what they expected to pay and 1 thought it was a beautiful dress but a little expensive… I wasn’t really sure but the shop recently had a sale on and the dresses were a $100 off so I decided to go for them (in consultation with all the bridesmaids). I really pleased as It looks good on all the girls and it fits with my dress so well. One of the BMs said that this is the first BM dress that she felt comfortable in and couldn’t wait to wear it, so that made me feel ok about my choice as well. I think i will put some money in for shoes when we go shopping for them in a few months. 


    Actual bridesmaids dresses are expensive, the ones I really liked ranged from $380-$600 but most I saw were in that price range and ugl, I was lucky and saw a nice elegant dress from a chain store (forever new) for $180. I not think its a lot to pay if you like it because I know it can be hard to find nice ones


    I’m paying for my BMW dresses but I said they could wear shoes they had or buy some if they wanted! This can be away to keep costs down

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