How many wedding favors am I supposed to give per person?

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    Hi, I’m getting married this Halloween and I had planned on giving everyone a mini trick or treat pail in the shape on a cauldron or jack o lantern at their seats with several small favors inside that they could then use to “Trick or Treat” at our candy buffet. 
    But recently I’ve been reading a lot that you’re only supposed to give out one favour per guest.
    Is this true? Does that matter a lot?
    I’m sorry I’m so inexperienced at this, I’ve never been married before.
    My ideas for the favours were things like:
    * Bars of clear glycerine soap with beautiful gothic art prints in the centre and a nice unisex smell of pumpkin and coffee.
    * Mini sandalwood scented bubbles that come in fun “Witches Potion” bottles.
    * Tiny credit card sized Ouija boards.
    * Antique key shaped bottle openers.
    * A personalized CD of the theme music we are planning on playing at the reception.
    Everything, all up, comes to less than $20 per person.
    We are having a very small wedding, with less than 20 people attending.


    I don’t think there is a rule and you can give whatever you want. I’m giving little jars of jam with 5 sugared almonds tied to them…the almonds are a cultural thing (Greek background)!
    Favours generally vary especially as wedding sizes do :)



    Sounds awesome! No one is going to complain about getting more than expected!



    To be honest, I think it’s really just up to you and how much room you have in the budget. My partner and I were thinking 3 or 4 because we couldn’t choose. We’re both nerds/geeks and we’re thinking of reflecting that in our gifts and little touches in the ceremony.
    I guess the best way to think about it would be this: could $400 be better spent somewhere else in the wedding or is it something you can afford to put aside for gifts? If you can spare the cost, I say go ahead.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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