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    candy dan

    my parents told me that i should wear new from inside to outside,and the 3 days after wedding day,i must wear 3 new dresses.so,i should buy 5 dresses for my wedding,my god


    Candy Dan, I have never heard that in my life!!! I know traditionally brides would change into a different dress/outfit before leaving the reception, but most couples these days don’t bother. I will possibly be wearing 2 different dresses as I’m having a formal family ceremony and then an intimate registry wedding office ceremony for the legal side, but if I were getting married legally at the first ceremony then I would only have the one dress


    candy dan

    Each area has its own customs.and i have to follow my parents,even it is too complex,but it remains too long to violate.


    Are you from a different cultural background? That would make more sense… in that case just buy really cheap, comfortable dresses for your 3 days afterwards, and wear a nice cocktail dress to leave the reception in. That way you can focus the majority of your budget on the wedding dress. You can also get great cheap wedding dresses around, if you’re on a tight budget. I’m going to get my dress made with Wedding Dress Express, they’re an online store that create your wedding dress. My dream wedding dress with be $500, and it’s a A-line, chapel train, coloured sash dress, so not anything tacky. If you send them photos of the dress you want they’re happy to send you back a quote. You might be able to get your dream dress for under $1,500 (depending on how extravagant it is)


    i will have just one wedding dress on my wedding day.  but i will go shopping and buy nearly all my clothes for my honeymoon before the wedding.



    just the one dress for both ceremony and reception for me :) is this a case of you should or you have to, its your wedding so unless you absolutely have to for cultural or religious reasons you do what you want to do :)



    I originally only wanted one dress but having tried it on I don’t think I’m going to survive the night in it, especially if it’s a hot day. So now I’m thinking of changing into a shorter dress after dinner. I’m a little bit confused by your dilema, do you need 5 wedding dresses or a wedding dress and 4 new normal dresses. I for one would be completely happy to wear only new dresses for five days! 


    Tash M

    Two – one for the ceremony and another for the reception. If its for cultural reasons, then its okay to have more.



    Oh gosh, I’m having one… and fully intending on going out partying in my (princess) wedding dress afterwards!


    Kelly Fung

    I think 3 is enough.

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