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    I work in the arts, I have been a model and I now work backstage managing a theatre. I understand that make up artistry and beautiful hair are crafts but I can not justify $350 for my hair and make up. I could get it done for $190-$200 with no trial but I have had a horrific experience in the past (gosh I looked horrible!) and I’m just not willing to risk that. 
    All of the quotes I have recieved are total lying around $550 total.
    What I’m asking for is my hair and make up (simple up do for long hair, natural make up), make up for my mum (natural) and hair for my junior bridesmaid.
    I’m no fool, I know it takes a while, I’ve calculated 2hrs trial, 1hr for my hair, 40 minutes my make up, 30 minutes my mums make up and 30-40 minutes junior bridesmaids hair.  So a total of 5 hours max (including my 2hr in salon trial). That is over $100 per hour! That’s just silly money as far as I’m concerned. Then they want to charge a $50 travel fee, when in in town. I am also having an afternoon wedding and the MUA hairdresser would not have to be at the hotel until after 12pm.
    I know they are skilled, I get that but I do not believe that they can make me $350 more photogenic and beautiful than I can make myself.



    <p>Wow, yes that does seem a bit excessive!</p>
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    <p>I don’t know where you are from, but I’ve been doing a bit of research into hair and makeup in Melbourne (where I live and where we will get married) and I have found a handful of places that will do the bride’s makeup and hair for around $90 each (so, $180 total). I was thinking that this seemed excessive, but seeing as it’s actually about half of what you have been quoted I’m not going to complain! Many of these places will also give me a discount based on the number of people getting hair/make up done (I have 4 bridesmaids and 1 junior bridesmaid, so this doesn’t seem as if it will help you). I have also found a few places that will do the junior bridesmaid’s hair and makeup cheaper than the other maids, which I thought was great.</p>
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    <p>If you’re having trouble justifying the cost, perhaps you could look into makeup artistry and hairdressing students? They are often far cheaper and do a high quality job. I used to go to school with a girl who now runs her own side business doing hair, makeup, spray tans, etc – I had her do my hair and makeup for our engagement party and it ended up costing me a little over $100 for both.</p>


    Kyrie Dean

    WOW! In live in SA and I was quoted $65 per person :( I have quite a large party so I was a bit taken back by that price, but wow! I’m sorry :(

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