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    <p>My fiance has tasked me with coming up with some options for photographers for her to choose from…dangerous I reckon but she says she wants to see what I can come up with!! Someone else on this forum recommended Photo Portal which has proved useful but I’m curious as to how other people here went about actually narrowing down their list??</p>



    <p>The best way to find a photographer is to ask family and friends who have recently married who they used or would recommend. Check out their Facebook photos of their wedding and the ones who you think have awesome photos ask who they used and how much they cost :-) </p>


    <p>We are going by recommendation as well. His photos are great but it’s the service that impressed us. We saw this photographer at our friend’s wedding and he worked so hard all day! Just wouldn’t stop, and he was really friendly with all the guests – not just the bride and groom. Apparently he helped them plan the wedding timing as well ie like how long to allow for different parts of the day so you wouldnt be running late, and have enough time for some decent photos. So I think personality is key. We haven’t set a date in stone yet but as soon as we book our venue we are going to see Morris Images – check him out http://www.morrisimages.com.au Good luck with your decision :)</p>


    I picked mine through this website called weddingbound, I just told them my budget and what i’m looking for and they sourced 6 quotes for me and I ended up choosing one of the photographers they recommended. I do think you need to go meet them though and make sure you are comfortable with them and get to know their style better. I think the important thing is ask to see a sample wedding album with like 500 photos, instead of just see the best photos they show on their website, when you see a entire album of 500 photos you really get a sense of what the photos will be like when you receive them. And believe me there will be pretty average shots but there are also amazing ones. I chose my photographer because out of the album i liked majority of the photos and his style is exactly what I wanted, candid and natural but romantic at the same time. Hope this helps!!
    BL xo


    You can ask friends, family or colleagues, Or else you can search online for wedding photographers who specialize in Weddings and who live around your suburban area. Wedding is very special and it should be captured by an expert who can’t only document our day but also does it in style – Sydney wedding photographer

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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