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    Hi ladies!
    How did you ask your bridesmaids to be part of you special day? I have chosen my two sisters and 1 FSIL. FH and I have been engage for nearly 5 years, and they have all known from day 1 I wanted them there. However I want to ask them officially and make it a little special for us all. Any ideas?



    There is heaps of ideas on pinterest if you look. I wish I had done something cool. I gave my MOH and gift (earrings) and a card asking. I just rang my sister :)



    Thanks Bec, I’ll have a look on there! I don’t want to spend a fortune on elaborate asking gifts, as we are on a tight budget and I have a feel FSIL might say no. They have indicated they may not be able to afford to come (wedding is in Fiji). So I don’t want to spend a lot if I’m not 100% sure they will all say yes. I’ll check out Pinterest and see if I am inspired there! :-)


    most great bridesmaid invitations ideas you can find at pinterest,just type”bridesmaid invitation ideas”.good luck to u.



    Hi Bec, I made a little box using a template I found online, put a ring pop inside and made a card. Inside the card I put a photo of my bridesmaids heads photoshopped onto some ugly dresses. It didn’t cost me much and it was a great suprise and laugh for them!



    Thanks ladie for your ideas. I’ve written a poem, made a card, and bought wine glasses with ‘bridesmaid’ on them. I’m also going to make a batch of my Anzac cookes, which everyone loves. My sisters are coming over for dinner tomorrow and I’m going to ask them then. Haven’t quite worked out how I will actually do it though. I think I’ll wing it because whatever I plan in my head probably won’t happen anyway. Hoping to catch up with my SIL Thursday night. Wish me luck!!



    There’s this great card on etsy that on the front says “try to look fat” and when you open it up the words spread to reveal something along the lines of I’ll make sure you look as nice as I do! My girls thought it was HILARIOUS!!!



    We were pretty casual about it, I just took my MOH to lunch and popped the question, but we’re a pretty laid back couple and didn’t feel the need to surround it in pomp and ceremony, my FW just asked her sister, and I just asked my brother straight out.
    We’ll do thankyou gifts later most likely, probably at the rehersal dinner or just after everything. We’re also looking at signature wedding scents for them to keep (I just bought one we really like and we’ll look at some more and get them to choose what they like best and get some for each of them) as well as the jewelry to wear on the day


    Abbie G

    My future sister in law gave me a special card saying (My name), I mustache (picture of a mustache) you, will you be my maid of honour? It was a lovely, touching and funny way of asking me and the other bridesmaids, and it’s certainly a nice keepsake.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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