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    i am short and fat,i never get confident while wearing bikini at summer/
    Any tips on getting more confident but also to help fix my flaws would be nice too!



    You need to love you body, no matter what shape or size you are. If you feel like you have put on some weight, try to lose it to a number you are comfortable with. it’s all about being comfortable and happy… 


    thank u,dear portia,not only u but also my friends and family told me to wear my size and suitable styles.but i still can not choose what style swimwear i can wear?
    Cover-Ups & beach dresses?tankinis?
    i get one discount news from pinterest,new in swimwear are on sale.how about this one?
    what i want is just to Cover my fat



    A big part of being confident is not worrying about what other people think. Wear something that you like and that makes you feel comfortable.
    I’m a big fan of tankini’s. They are flattering but still cover any wobbly bits you don’t want anyone else to see.


    thanks,dear lisa,firstly,i also wanna to get one tankini,but most of them are tight,which seems more fat for my waist,any suggestions for my choice?such as one site or link for me?



    Hi Amanda,
    I too am a short and curvy girl (and a little fat as well). One thing I found helpful was a Trinny and Susanah book about dressing for your body type / shape.
    What might look good on me might not look good on you depending on your shape.
    (I always draw attention to my breasts because I have massive thighs and wear board shorts.)
    So play your strengths.  Do you have an hourglass figure? Play up your smaller waist! Large breasts? Lowish cut tankini with thick straps for support!
    The other thing to remember is:
    * No-one is really looking, they’re busy doing their own thing
    * You are engaged to a man who thinks you are sexy exactly the way you are and would LOVE to see you in swimwear.
    * If your clothing is uncomfortable or makes you feel uncomfortable (like showing too much leg for your liking) then no matter how good it makes you look you won’t look good in it because your aura / attidude says otherwise.
    Perhaps a bikinni and a kaftan would be in order? that way the glimpses of colour that come through it are enough to tempt your man but you are still covered up enough for your liking?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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