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    I have no idea what to do for my hens! My MOH wants to do wildboys afloat which is fine – sounds like a lot of fun! But I would like to do something during the day that will suit a wide variety of ages 17 – nonna’s age lol
    I was wanting to do like a little show, perhaps educational about men but funny? Is there anything like this that exists in Sydney?
    What are you doing for your hens or do you have the same dilemma?


    Hi BS, I’m thinking of doing a spa night/day with my girls. Maybe you could all go and get manicures or massages, or just go to a spa retreat and drink cocktails while sitting in the bubbles! (mocktail for the 17 year old)



    I looked into that too, because there is also the option of getting a blow-dry & our makeup done before dinner & a big night out.
    Am trying to think of something a little out of the ordinary, Adriano Zumbo is meant to be doing cooking classes, but I dont think his teaching kitchen is up & running yet – bugger!



    We are looking at some pampering and a fortune teller. Both are suitable for all ages. We are going through Hens Heaven http://www.hensheaven.com.au. I can see that they are in Brisbane and go down as far as Byron but not sure about sydney.  Maybe take a look at what they offer.
    I have not seen any entertainment like the one you describe, sorry.



    I haven’t heard of hens party having an educational show about men…(love the idea)…well you could create one, I mean have someone speak about men and their experiences with them or let different types of men speak about their ideal girl or how romatic they can be, turn ons and turn offs,  ideal romance for them or some men stuff , whatever.  Well,  you could let some hens party planner do it for you, here’s their link – http://hensandbucks.com.au/The_Special_Party_Planner-Brisbane-QLD-1458.html
    Also you might check  http://hensandbucks.com.au/ for more hens party ideas.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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