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    What do you give at a hen’s night? My cousin is getting married in 2.5 weeks and her hen’s night is the weekend before. We’ve received the invitation and it’s being held in the city, but there’s no mention of presents. You’re meant to give a gift, right? That’s what I thought you did. So what do you get? I’m completely stumped! (no sex stuff please)



    I know a lot of people give lingerie for bridal showers/hens but if you aren’t keen to go down that path you could always get some really nice pj’s, something cute and sexy that she would be able to take with her on her honeymoon.
    Depending on where she is headed for a honeymoon (if known) you could get something for that e.g. if she is headed to the beach, a nice tote bag for her beach stuff.
    Bath products, essential oils, candles, scrubs, anything for pampering…
    Hope this is of help!


    Thanks JS. I have no idea where they’re going for their honeymoon. I had thought maybe some Body Shop products or a voucher since I don’t know her fragrance choice. Although I emailed her sister, the Maid of Honour, and asked for suggestions and she said presents weren’t expected. So I think I might go with the voucher since that will be easy to slip into her purse for the night, and I can just say I didn’t want to turn up empty handed. I’ll also buy her a couple drinks at the event…
    Kinda glad you have pampering products on your list, let’s me know I’m on the right track.



    Hi All
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    I don’t think so, gifts are NOT usually given at Hens party. Well my understanding,is that the guests just bring along enough cash to cover themselves and pitch in a portion of the bride’s night that includes dinner, drinks, clubbing, and some other girls night out activities. But most hen’s I know got some sort of kinky gifts. Maybe depending on how well you know the girl. But I usually ended up getting the bride a kinky or adult/naughty gift (dildo, naughty playing cards, bobbie slippers). Yeah, and mostly of the gifts, I just ordered them from myhensparty.com.au .No gifts – just show the bride-to-be a good time which is protocol.;-)


    Well I ended up getting her a Body Shop voucher and put it in a card so she could throw it into her handbag. I also shouted her a champagne when we first got there. We had a great night!


    I did not have a hens night so I did not get any gifts, but recently I went to DHs cousins hens, and I did give her a card with a coupon for Bras n Things, and just wrote in the card that she could put it towards something nice for her honeymoon.


    I’m thinking of perfules or lotions or something that she could use right after the wedding. a sexy lingerie is also a good idea. I think that’s most common gift that ladies gave to their friends on their hens night. 


    stella c


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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