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    Hi Ladies,
    I have to questions. Firstly is it ok for me to suggest the theme I’d like for my hens night. I’d love a dress up theme with everyone dressing up. I don’t intend of making any other real suggestions aside from the dates I’d like.
    The second is, how many of you are having a bridal shower? Did you have a bridal shower as well as a hens night? I’ve only been to two weddings and hens nights, no bridal showers so I’m not sure about them but they sound lovely and I love any reason to get my friends together.
    Thanks in advance :-)


    Two* on* sorry typos!



    Theme: I don’t see a problem with you saying you want it to be dress up. Then your bridesmaids could decide on a dress-up theme. eg. my MOH suggested “Men in uniform” be our theme as I am marrying a policeman and we all have to dress up in uniform – I love it.
    Bridal shower: I am having a hens night with friends only (and my bridesmaid sister) and a bridal shower with bridesmaids and family. I don’t really want my MIL there when I am drunk and dancing, so I think it is nice to do a fancy bridal shower and a trashy hens night. My only requirement is that “No presents” is written on the invite. We got so much for our engagement party that I was embarrassed and I know we will get a lot for our wedding too. I don’t want it to seem like a present grab, and I don’t need anything. That would be my only suggestion if you have both, so people don’t feel like they have to give you two gifts.


    I personally love the idea of a themed hens night, my Maid of Honor is deciding on our theme…..it’s going to be a secret from me unitl the night of! Excited! If you’re looking for theme inspiration have a look at wedding.choisr.com. The brides on there have some great ideas and inspiration and they can help you find great resources to plan your hens night!
    and if you’re a social butterfly like me, having a hens night and a bridal shower is definitly a go! any occasion to spend with best friends in more than acceptable :)


    I had no idea there was a difference! I am having both. My sister, my only bridesmaid, isn’t interested in organizing anything wedding related, she literally just wants to be told what dress to wear and she’ll rock up on the day and look pretty for me. So I’ll probably end up organizing my own thing, although my mother will help and send out the invites. My bridal shower will be a spa day during the day with the firls, then I’d like to go for dinner with all the boys, since my fiance won’t be having a buck’s night/day, and then my closest friends and I will probably go out clubbing.
    I don’t see anything wrong with suggesting the theme or the dates, I will certainly be having a say in mine!


    Thanks for the advice girls, I feel much better now after reading your comments I decided to do up a list of guests (as requested by my bridesmaid) and add  the extra bit about I’d love a theme where we all dress up. I do have another question, my bridesmaid is more interested in my hens, organising my hens than my maid of honor (Im only having 2) given i speak more with my bridesmaid about everything she is happy to organise what id like (I’ve left pretty much everything else up to my bridemaids) but she is a little worrie my maid of honor might not like the ideas we’ve come up with, do you think its a good idea to have a catch up with both so I can express my ideas of what I like, what style of night I’m after so everyone is clear on it ?? – I don’t want to dictate everything far from it but there are some things id love to do over other things. 
    I like the idea of a bridal shower a nice afternoon tea just catching up with the girls, I wouldn’t be after pressies just a nice catch up! 



    It’ll be awesome to have a dress up theme! I think it’s one or the other.. depending on your preferences, I’ve never heard of both a hens night and a bridal shower being thrown for a bride, mainly cos of the finances and stuff.. I’m not sure though.. 



    But it”s totally okay if you are throwing it 😀 It’s your party 😀 


    Thanks girls!! 
    After speaking to my bridesmaids, I think they’re going to have a bridal shower in the afternoon the tamer games for all ages then lead into the hens night (what they have on mind is all fun but mightn’t be mother in law appropriate) This way my mum, mother in law etc can choose to participate in the girls afternoon only or do both. 


    You might want to start getting ideas from this site http://www.igamesforgirls.com/celebrity, this is where gives me help from similar concern I have.

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