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    I need Hens and Bucks night ideas! I’m getting married in 8 months (June ’14) and have no idea what to do for the hens and bucks nights. My fiance doesn’t want a bucks night at all, because he doesn’t have many friends, but I have 2 men on my side of the bridal party and I know the best man will want to do something, so I’m hoping to do a combined night. I also need something suitable for parents and grandparents, so I’m not interested in pub crawls or strippers.
    I need something:
    – to entertain ages 17-70
    – to entertain both women and men
    – not too expensive, but still really fun
    – nothing raunchy, so we’re not embarassed in front of our parents
    The only idea I’ve had so far is a Hens vs Bucks Trivia night, so a Battle of the Sexes type thing, and make each round wedding themed. It could include basic trivia questions, have a ‘make a bride from toilet paper’ activity, or a ‘wedding charades’ section… I’ve put a lot of thought into it, and both my fiance and mother looked at me like I was nuts.
    So while I’m still keeping it in mind, I want to keep options open, so looking for any ideas out there! Please help me out!



    How about a City Mystery Adventure/Tour/Scavenger Hunt ?
    I know they run them in Sydney.
    So what happens is: You get broken into small groups and are given clues to go to certain places and collect certain things/take photos of you being there / with the item on the list and then meet back at a certain point.
    I.E Take a photo of a happily married couple with the Harbour Bridge in the background or Flinders street station for you.
    On the trivia front you can have a “How well do you know the couple?” Trivia. with questions like:
    Where you first met
    Your first date
    First movie you saw together.
    When you first started being a couple
    Where were you when you first said “I love you” to each other
    What did you give each other for Christmas/ birthday/ Anniversary gifts
    Your top three reasons that you love them
    So you can make things nice and tame on that front without having to be too intimate and if your relationship is a bit secret, as in you don’t spill all the details to your friends, it could be fun to see what everyone answers.
    You could make it a whole day of bucks vs hens and have cute team names (The Hen Peckers vs The Buck stops here) with points for the scavenger hunt awarded to teams with best photos, most complete list, best time etc then have points for the quiz.
    Winners get something cute or applicable to everyone like a massage or shoping voucher.



    Combining it sounds like a great solution. I think Kittikats is on the right path.
    I’m not sure what the local options are sorry, but some other ideas could be a night out to a show/ comedy festival. Or a day out go carting/ at an adventure park. Perhaps a cooking class or a wine/ scotch tasting (not the best idea for the 17 year old though, sorry).Perhaps hiring a holiday home and turning it into a weekend?
    What do you two like doing as a couple? Are you photography mad, or do you love animals, do you like entertaining etc. that may help you decide the direction to take it in. There are so many possibilities. 
    You could split it out then join later in the night too- e.g. Boys go paint balling in the day  or go carting (you may be able to get a group on or something for this?). Girls could do a wine tasting or hang out at someone’s house and  do an inexpensive pamper day where you each bring say a nail colour it face mask etc. then join up for a dinner/ show etc. later that night. 


    Thanks for the feedback ladies! Kittikats, I found the scavenger idea and am really liking it. I’ve researched a few ideas and grabbed the clean versions, and thought instead of spending the money getting a company to do it I can just whip one up myself, then just get everyone to meet at a restaurant for the final destination and ask them to pay for their own dinner. That way we’re not spending too much money.I’m loving your suggestions, I’m dot pointing them all down! And I would get different things with different points, so the team with the most points wins.
    CGrace, we have almost nothing in common and don’t have many activities we do together, haha! We always joke about how we are complete opposites! I’ve suggested all those ideas, doing seperate then coming together, darkzone, go carting, bowling, he just always pulls a face and says he’d rather not have one and he doesn’t need one. So I’m at a bit of a loss… trying to find something that he’ll actually enjoy and we both like is like finding a needle in a field of haystacks! The wine tour would be perfect if I liked wine :( my mom was all for that but I wouldn’t drink a drop.
    I actually wanted to do a spa day or pamper day for the women, but they’re actually really expensive :( I looked them up and they’re like $150 each! Otherwise I would have jumped on them!



    The scavenger hunt bit does sound like a good solution then! You could do a DIY girls pamper day if you wanted to- each girl brings a beauty item and you all watch girly movies etc. A friend hosted one and it was great! Really inexpensive too as everyone has at least one pamper item (nail polish, face mask, hair mask etc.). The scavenger hunt alone with dinner to follow should be more than enough though- it’ll be an easy way for everyone to get to know each other too if they don’t already. 


    Ooh, I hadn’t thought of a DIY pamper day… I’ll be keeping that in mind if my fiance decides he’s not even going to go on the scavenger hunt. I really don’t know how to deal with him regarding it, he blantantly says he doesn’t want one, but everybody else wants to throw him one. So I feel like I might be forcing him to get involved, but I know that if he doesn’t have one then his best man and the other men will be really upset, or his best man might go ahead and throw him something anyway, so I really don’t know what to do. That’s why i’m trying to find something that he might actually enjoy. like I said before, I suggested lazer tag and bowling and go karting and all of that, stuff I know he’s gone to before and said he’d enjoyed, and he just said he wasn’t interested. I don’t get it because he’ll go to these things for other people’s birthdays and bucks nights and he comes away saying he really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun, but won’t do it for himself… so I can’t tell if he actually did enjoy it or whether he’s just saying that to be nice



    Hey EmeraldBride,
    Sorry to hear that he thinks its lame/not fun. Have you tried framing it as a fun day out with your friends and family? And not too wedding themed?
    It doesn’t sound like he is resisting the actual activities (the go karting or laser tag) more the Bucks Idea. Is it because he doesn’t want to spend time with certain members of the families? Thinks it will cost too much? Thinks he has to do the obligatory strippers and alcohol fuelled night? Doesn’t see the point when everyone will be at the wedding?
    Try and find the key to his resistance and work with him in solving it. (I work with children  and I have to do this ALL the time – even with my adult co-workers!)
    Try combining the quiz with the scavenger hunt so for instance if your first date was the aquarium:
    * Take a photo of a happy couple where we had our first date (clue: swim with the fishes)
    Or if he got you anything from Tiffanys jewellers
    * I didn’t get breakfast from here, I got our one year anniversary gift. (Think movie and jewellry)
    I’m sure you can come up with witty and cute clues for them! 
    Make sure to put the teams clues in different orders so they don’t all end up at the same place at once – the exception being the restraunt for dinner!
    If it turns out his resistance is not wanting to spend a day with everyone because of all the stress and other stuff they can cause why don’t you two enjoy yourselves? So while everyone else is running around and solving clues, why don’t the two of you just have a relaxing time together? See a movie, have a picnic, go to the beach…. something.  Just meet everyone back at the restraunt.
    This way you are still hosting an event, he isn’t strictly involved and you get quality time together. Win!!!



    There’s something called geocaching where people hide containers around the word and post a GPS location; you could do a ‘bridal version’ give clues to your favourite places and firsts (first kiss, first date, where you got engaged etc.) Give everyone a list of places to find, leave little gifts at each one with a major prize at the end like a fancy picnic together under the stars or a nice restaurant, or back home for more games. I remember doing stuff like that with scouts and we had to use a compass and work it out based on paces (but I would suggest trying to make it a little simpler than that)


    Maybe a bit or mobile pampering. Where a mobile therapist comes to you and provide you and your guests treatments: massages, facial, manicures, pedicures and etc. It’s suitable for all ages and enjoyable with a group of people. You can chit chat, eat, drink and relax.
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