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    Hi Ladies!
    I have found the wedding dress I LOVE but it would cost almost $3000 which is a bit over the top I think. (Essence of Australia D1249)
    So I have been searching online and found multiple sites where it would cost around $300 for my dress.
    Could anyone please let me know if you have had experience or have knowledge about the below sites? I don’t want to get scammed.
    Thanks for your help!!!!


    Mark danel

    Yes looks like a little expensive.  Have yo try to use the shoppong agent to purchase the wedding dress from oversea? Like the http://www.bulltao.com.au/.  They helpe foreigner customer collect and display taobao item’s informatioin on their website and help them puchase and delivery! And you will find the cheapest wedding dress from this link: thttp://www.bulltao.com.au/search-result.html?q=%E5%A9%9A%E7%BA%B1



    I have just had a dress custom made and I have refused to accept delivery of it,  by a local woman who has them custom made to your exact specifications in Australia.  
    My latte/coffe/mocha coloured, tea length, no train, gathered top, crinkle chiffon dress arrived as a gold, floor length, plain top, plain chiffon dress with a train.  She refuses to refund me as she claims that it’s exactly what I ordered. 
    Chances are that if you go the cheap route, you may be happy with what you receive, but it’ll more than likely be a disaster.  Are you willing to risk it?  
    Knowing what I know now – I would not advise it.  I would definitely go the bridal shop with bricks and mortar.  Even though they are more expensive, you will have the peace of mind you deserve.



    I am a dressmaker, I came across this forum after attending to my customer who’s crying. She just left when I saw this forum, She wants to have a dress  made cos the dress she ordered online in china arrived but  she can’t wear it, the material they used is so cheap, the fabric use in table skirting is way better than the fabric used for her wedding dress.  Doesnt fit her. Better buy off the rack or online store in australia or have a custom made one.


    Tia Ruby

    Hmmm..all the websites are really well. I want also add here one more to make this thread more wrothy.



    My Mum mentioned that a daughter of a friend of hers bought her dress from Ava Bridal, http://www.avabridal.com , and was really happy with it. She wasn’t sure that the fabric was the same quality that the $3000 dress might have been but it looked lovely on the day and that’s what matters! Good luck and read all the reviews you can before you buy to avoid tears 


    YES! i bought my dress online at DINODIRECT.COM which is a chinese store and i would highly reccomend shopping with them! i had a friend measure me (in inches) and popped all my measurements in the boxes, clicked order, and my amazingly beatiful dress arrived custom made at my door 3 weeks later! and let me tell you, the size that they made it to was absolutely perfect! it fits better than a glove! the materials that were used were absolutely superb! it wasnt lacking anything! i though that it might have crummy materials or not many layers but my dress arived with, an underlayer, a tulle underskirt, a satin skirt/train, and THREE layers of soft tulle on top of the satin.. i have no words to describe how happy i am! perfect length too! and the best part… the entire dress… INCLUDING POSTAGE cost me $180!!  i have a friend who is a dressmaker and she was absolutely astounded at the quality of the dress and the short amount of time that they took to make it! she said that in australia she wouldnt even be able to purchase the materials to make the dress.. let alone think about the cost of workmanship, she estimated that if i had got the same dress custom made from scratch in australia then i would have been paying over 7k.. bottom line.. do it! buy your dress online i loved mine! i dont have enough words to explain how happy i am with my dress (dinodirect.com)


    We just ordered and received a wedding dress, 4 bridesmaids dresses and a flower girls dress from http://www.serenitybridal.com.au
    I am so happy with the dresses – they are just beautiful and the quality is excellent.  Total time from order to delivery was about 5 weeks and that was with some dresses standard size and some made to measure.
    Sharon – the lady who runs the website – is lovely and kept me informed every step of the way.  I loved my experience and would DEFINITELY recommend this site to anyone :)


    Congratulations on your engagement! I thought about buying a dress from China but chickened out as I have heard horror stories, think A current Affair 😉
    As an alternative, check out Still White, I just listed my dress for sale for $499 http://www.stillwhite.com.au/for-sale/6266/price-reduced-499stunning-couture-wedding-dress-fishtail-size-8-10 But they have heaps of other dresses for sale and are all reasonably priced.
    Good luck with finding a dress, I am sure it will be beautiful!


    firstly,i hope someone can give her experience to u,but it depends on fortune,if you are unlucky,try to judge it by yourself.most customers will write their reviews under their wedding dress of the buying site.you can see thier reviews,with pics of their true wedding dress are better.from these,you can 90% make sure whether you can buy it.suh as http://bit.ly/14IZUCP ,we can see all reviews about wedding dresses from the site.

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