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    Hi Ladies!
    I have found the wedding dress I LOVE but it would cost almost $3000 which is a bit over the top I think. (Essence of Australia D1249)
    So I have been searching online and found multiple sites where it would cost around $300 for my dress.
    Could anyone please let me know if you have had experience or have knowledge about the below sites? I don’t want to get scammed.
    Thanks for your help!!!!



    Hey Sapphire Bride. 
    Whenever you buy online from really cheap sites, you are usually compromising on quality. The dress will probably fit nicer and feel nicer from the real place, but up to you if you are happy to compromise on those things for the sake of thousands of dollars. We went online for our bridesmaid dresses, I was happy with them, but would have had more peace of mind getting them done at the bridal shop!


    Thanks for your advice DankiStar!


    i bought my dress online, from http://www.dinodirect.com   you send in all your measurements and they make the dress to your size! my dress was absolutely PERFECT! the quality was 100% perfect, it wasnt cheap material or anything! the craftsmanship was stunning, and the beadwork was absolutely perfect. i thought maybe being a cheap dress the full skirt might be lacking and need a hoop underneath.. but no! the underneath satin layer that extends into a 2m train was perfect, and there were THREE layers of tulle and organza on top of the satin that extend even further than the train… which is more that i can say for some of the dresses i tried on in bridal shops… they itched and didnt hve many layers.. but wow.. the dress i got was absolutely PERFECT.. i cant reccomend dinodirect.com enough!!  the stitching quality was even better than my friends $5000 dress that she got made in australia which started to unravel half way thought the ceremony!!
    and the fit…..it fit like a glove it was absolutely PERFECT! absolutely no alterations needed to be made, right length, perfect arround the bust waist ect and the best part… the whole thing cost me $180… and that was INCLUDING postage!!i dont know about the sites that you listed, but i can tell you that my online dress buying was a success, and would deffinitely reccomend it to everybody.. regardless of the previous comments, i say go for the dress you want… i love mine!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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