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    Hi guys! I need some tips on your experiecing loosing weight for a wedding date! I’m  hoping to lose 8kg in a bit over 5 months (to get down to 55kg) for my first dress fitting. Does anyone have any tips? I’ve been having trouble getting motivated, telling myself I have ages and that I’ll get my butt into gear when i hit the 6 month mark! Only the other day I realised I’ve been working towards the wedding date, not the first dress fitting which is 2 months out from the wedding date! I know the basics, I do enough exercise at the moment to eat pretty average and maintain my weight, so I know first step is to eat better and amp up the exercise even more so. Help!



    I am in the same boat currently… I lost about 8kg before Christmas, over about 2.5 months I think. But since then I have put a kg back on, I have just found every excuse under the sun to slack off!
    One thing that really helps me is that my partner wants to help me, and wants to work on his fitness, so we go to the gym together… Also a friend of mine joined to, we work different hours but occassionally we get there together!
    I have just started using My Fitness Pal app again, I also use iDrated to track my water intake, which helps me to set goals for myself to drink more water. I suck at clean eating, I know there are a few other girls on here that can give you great advice about clean eating, but I just need to be sensible. Which is working SOOOOO well being that it’s Easter. And clients keep bringing in Easter chocolate as gifts…
    You didn’t mention it, but do you incorporate weights into your workout? If not, it can help to burn energy long after you have finished your work out, and it is great for your metabolism.



    Hey modernbride
    I started my fatloss journey in June 2012. I lost about 13kg in 6 months (but was slow and steady). 
    I did it all by following a clean eating plan, mainly from Emily Sparks Fiit Chick Transformations. Check them out online, download the free meal plan then get into the facebook group – it is amazing and sooooo motivating. 
    Have also found instagram a very inspirational and motivating place. Feel free to follow me @dankistar_fit_n_clean, I try to post motivational stuff, clean food and my progress pics. 


    Thanks for the movitation and tips guys! jsbride I am trying to incorporate weights – I am doing the 30 Day Shred each evening which includes hand weights strength movements and am also (trying!) to do an arm toning program at the gym a few times a week. I also walk to work 5 days a week (weather permitting) about a 7km round trip. I need some tips on eating healthier, especially some ideas about healthy after dinner dessert snacks as I find i’m generally okay during the work day and then it all comes undone after dinner! I am not too keen on an eating program, I’d rather just committ to eating healthier and cutting out as much sugar as I can. My husband to be is tiny and so while happy to eat a bit healthier too isn’t keen on committing to a strict eating plan which doesn’t really bother me as I am not either.


    Hi Everyone…Losing weight is hard especially to keep up the motivation…I believe that eating 5 normal meals, then fasting for 2 days works very well, the 2 days are split so you don’t do them together, on the 2 days you only have 500 Cals. Splitting the days makes it work better, choose days when you seem to eat less anyway…Hope that helps!!! Good Luck..



    Hi Modern,
    The best advice is to seek out professional advice from an accredited nutrionist/dietician. 
    The weight loss is slow (about 2kg per month) but permnanent. I started seeing one in Feb and have dropped 4kgs in two months (which many may say isn’t alot) but its important to note that successful weightloss is slow weightloss. It’s 80% what you eat and 20% excersize. So if you start immediately, you’ll lose at least 12 kilos in the six months. The safe amount of weight to lose per month is between 2-4kg (4kg max) as you should only lose between .5-1kg per week. 
    A qualified dietician/nutrionist will take you step by step through healthy eating, portion control and help you plan meals that stick to the 1500-2000kj mark for meals (x 3 meals) and the 300-700kj mark for snacks (x2 snacks). Plus, you eat this way for 18-19 meals of the week with 2-3 meals as relaxed (so not on the plan)/you can enjoy what you want). The beauty of these meals is that they are kilojouled controlled, so you don’t have to think too much about adding all the kilojoules; rather, just follow the plan’s recipe directions and the weight will start dropping :) 
    You can amp up the exercise, but you don’t necessarily have to put yourself through that torture (unless you want to!) All I do is walk my dogs at a brisk pace twice a day and the weight is slowing but surely falling off/toning up (remember that  some weeks you don’t necessarily lose kilos as you’ll start building muscle, and muscle is toned so you look/are slimmer). 


    Getting in a workout routine is the hardest part. Once you get started it gets easier.
    Music is a great motivator for exercise – create your own playlist of your favorite songs to work out to.
    I saw something posted on facebook that I thought was great. It said “You will never regret a workout but you will always regret skipping one”
    Good luck!



    As someone who once went for Black Belt and 6 months out was 10kg heavier than my healthy weight, let me tell tell you I know all about having to self motivate!
    These are my best tips:
    * The easiest thing to get you exercising is to find what kind of exercise you enjoy and can stick to.
    I.E If you are more solitary and enjoy the outdoors then doing a cycle class at a gym makes no sense if you live near a jogging trail and can run for 30 minutes each morning.
    For me, I need classes and someone yelling at/motivating me so I don’t slack off!
    * Combine strength work and cardio
    Having Muscle helps burn fat. So if you only pound the treadmill then you are doing yourself a diservice. Do some squats, situps, pushups, lunges… something. It builds muscle, helps burn fat and tones up your body making you look more fab.
    * Make small changes constantly.
    Instead of suddenly becoming a twice a day gym bunny and filling your fridge with lettuce, make small changes to healthier options. You won’t really notice them but they will make an impact when put all together.
    I.E  if eating take out getting water and salad instead of chips and soft drink
    eating grilled meat instead of fried
    steaming vegies instead of boiling
    getting off the bus one stop early and walking the extra couple of hundred metres
    Also with exercise it is easier to start slow, say 1 or 2 exercise sessions a week and build up gradually than to do the “1-month-out-train-everyday” approach. Your body will respond better as well as it is easier to stick to and you won’t burn out.
    * Be consistent
    Feeling too tired to exercise? Do it anyway but maybe for not as long or as hard. Feeling too tired to cook? get a healthy takeaway with salad.
    Keep making those healthy choices even when it is hard or you don’t want to. It all adds up and it all helps.
    * Have your goal in mind (and few well placed reminders)
    It is easier to stay motivated when you have a tangable goal. You want to lose weight… to look fab in your dress. Picture your dress… now picture that healthy, gorgeous you in it. Every bit of exercise and healthy eating is working towards it.
    So when you go to eat that chocolate stop and picture you in your dress and ask yourself “Do I want this chocolate MORE than I want to fit into my dress?”
    Most of the time the answer will be “no”
    Also have it on your phones frontscreen to reinforce the message.
    * Have small goals too!
    Having a big picture is great, but it feels like you are standing at the bottom of a massive hill or even a mountain and it is daunting. You feel like you might as well give up now.
    Instead of that, make a bunch of small goals with some rewards. These smaller steps aren’t as hard or intimiadting and you can see yourself easily achieving them.
    e.g losing half a kilo a week and when you’ve done that for a few weeks get a massage or some new shoes.
    So not only is the goal acheivable it has an awesome reward attached to it that you want.
    I hope this helps!


    I recommend you to find a sport or exercise that you would love. Running and cycling is a good exercise especially in the morning. Swimming is a good exercise too, it is a full body exercise and you’ll enjoy doing it. You must also change your unhealthy foods to healthier foods. Drink 8 glasses of water every day and eat fruits daily.


    Janette E

    Hi Modernbride,
    I’ve recently lost 9 kg in 30 days – did it easily and feel fantastic.
    I did Isagenix 30 day detox.  Can’t believe how good I feel now.  Just do it. it works
    go to http://www.JanetteEllis.Isagenix.com
    Good Luck :)

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