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    We are having avery relaxed australian country wedding, with the “colour scheme” being earthy wildflower colours. (maroon, mustard yellow, khaki green and bronze brown).
    My dress is a light gold. 
    Girls will have same dress but one in each of the above colours. 
    All the boys including my fiance have a charcoal blue/dark grey pants. My fiance will have a matching vest to the pants and the boys will just have pant/shirt and braces. 
    My question is; my fiance looks fantastic in Maroon and Maroon works well with the vest and pants. I’m wondering CAN ALL the boys wear maroon if the girls are in a mix of earthy tones?
    Or do i Put my fiance in Maroon and the boys a off white shirt?
    Or do i just scarp the Maroon all together and all boys have off white shirt??
    Maroon works really well with my flowers. (red waratah, kangaroo paw etc)
    Advice please!



    To be honest it will depend a lot on their individual skin-tones and how you want it to look over-all; but just based on the fact that the bridesmaids are going to be wearing different colours (and ones with a lot of colour, depth and difference) I would suggest going more neutral for the guys.
    Whether you go for an off-white, or even a subtle plaid (white backgrond with your chosen colours cris-crossed over) or other pattern that encorporates the colours you’ll get that mirroring without looking too matchy. Alternatively, you could choose the plain shirts and have different coloured ties/bowties (I think bowties would suit this look better) or even pocket squares or hats, as well as cufflinks or suspenders. Don’t forget the flowers, you can also use the colours in posies, bouquets and boutonnières.



    Hi Jesst87,
    We also had a country wedding & even though it was winter, and with the awesome photographer, everything seems really sharp in the photos. By that, I mean, the sky looks really blue, and the colours that I used really popped in the photos, even when they were used sparingly.
    I really don’t want to come off the wrong way here, but if I may make a suggestion? Your colours sound great, but it does sound really busy & a bit tricky on the eyes. Especially if your gown is already a focus point being gold.
    Don’t forget that the focus on the day is YOU and your husband to be!
    You probably have an amazing eye for colour, and I have no artistic flair at all – my advice is to make a collage. Just like in school. If you get a photo of all the girls in dresses to one side, then a pic of your dress, then make a mix & match photo board of your ideas of colours & shirts to see what it will look like on the day. That way, you will find the mix you are happy with, and you will have no second guesses about what it will look like in the photos.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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