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    Hey guys,
    Does anyone know of a nice wedding venue that is about $60-$100pp who is flexible on closing times and BYO alcohol. I come from a european family and I don’t want my wedding to end just because the venue closes at midnight, we usually party till 2/3 in the morning. Also I don’t like any of the alcohol packages that vebues provide, my family don’t drink a lot of the cheap wine, they drink spirits and we like to provide a bottle or two for each table…
    Hiring a hall and getting caterers is an option although I’ve had a quick look and can’t find anything nice…
    Thanks for any help you can give me :)



    Most venues will offer alternative drinks packages allowing you to replace certain items or have more expensive products, but this will drive up costs per person (usually between $5 and $30pp). It varies greatly depending on the venue, and generally venues that specialise in weddings will cost more, be more strict with timing, guest etiquette or refuse BYO.
    Looking at non-traditional venues like restaurants, night clubs, halls or public spaces will help you keep within that budget (most wedding venues I’ve looked at are at least $100-$150pp). But if you know that you’ll have a larger number number of guests, you can sometimes negotiate for bigger discounts, so use it to your advantage.
    You may have a little more trouble finding a place that will let your party go until 3am, especially if your family like the alcohol,  get rowdy or are going to be a little bit more difficult to get rid of when the party ends. It’s important to remember that the closing times often correspond to council regulations and noise restrictions; so if you know you want a late party, consider the neighbours and choose a venue with good sound-proofing (also notify the police ahead of time in case of gate-crashers or noise complaints so they’re aware that something is happening,  it could save a lot of drama).
    Hope that helps!



    One issue with using a normal venue until after midnight is that most venues liquor licences only go until 12 or 1am and therefore are not legally allowed to supply or have people drink on site after that time. No venue will be willing to risk there liquor license. In some cases the hours can be extended but only usually on events such as New Year’s Eve. To be able to keep the party going until after midnight you’ll need a venue that has a license that allows this, bars, clubs and some hotels will have a license that goes beyond 12. The other option would be to have your wedding say at an inner city venue, then once the reception finishes those who want to party on can at another location. it’s also not always possible or legal to have spirits brought in and kept on tables unmixed, it once again depends on the liquor license of the venue. 



    Thanks for the input guys.
    Wedding venues are crazy and it’s enough to pull your hair out at the prices… The nice places I like are at least $150pp which is absurd, I just can’t justify spending over $20,000 on food for one day! I’ve kinda resigned myself to having maybe a bar tab and finishing at 12, although I don’t know how much quickly the bill rises, especially with that many people, I’m looking at having about 150 people including about 20 or so kids… I’m in love with the sofitel hotel in the city but the price tag scared me haha the Easts leagues club at coorparoo isn’t too bad, but I want my engagement party there so can’t have both parties there, and plus there won’t be as many at the engagement than there will be at the wedding…
    Having a big european family doesn’t help with costs haha



    I know how you feel, the costs really do add up!
    I should probably warn you that with 150 people a pre-set bar tab will run out very quickly (as some peolle will easily drink between 2-7drinks over the night and you will have to purchase a very expensive package for that many people anyway) so if you know your family will want to drink you’re better off taking the hit of an unlimited bar (and paying for the upgrade for the spirits and nicer wines). You can negotiate with your venue about which liqueurs are served to save cost (by restricting it to a smaller list of the most popular faves or having a few signature cocktails you can really reduce costs). Go for cheaper options on things you don’t think will be too much of an issue and have a pre-set drinks menu for guests to choose from to reduce wait times, cost and the like, some venues may give you discounts when they order a certain type of product in bulk and some may even let you bring in some yourself and charge a corking fee.
    Find out about the liqour licencing as well, some venues won’t allow under 18s where alcohol is being served, some have restricted capacity when alcohol is being served, earlier closing times etc. So check it out as this could effect you. Hotels may also have restrictions on noise or intoxication to prevent disruption to their other guests. So you want to scour those contracts and get as much info as you can to prevent any awkward situations on the day (like getting kicked out).
    If your guest list is too big, you could have an intimate reception and opt for a less formal party where everyone is invited at a later date as well; a lot of people are now opting for seperate ceremonies etc. To save cost and reduce the stress of invitation drama; so that may be an option for you too (my fiancée has a big family,  I don’t know how we’ll find room for them all, they had a food fight at the last family wedding haha)


    Yes, you will definitely have problems finding somewhere that will go past midnight due to liquor licencing laws. I think your best bet is a community hall, but you’ll need to find one that is further away from the city so it’s not close to houses.


    very useful information

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