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    i have been searching everywhere i can think of (vic) ballart, melbourne, bendigo, and even in the most expensive bra shops i havnt been able to find a bra that fits!! i know that i am a 16B but have been continually told me bra shops that my size is such an odd one that they dont generaly stock anything in a 16B… does anybody know of a shop that DOES sell size 16B… or a shop that would be willing to source such a size, as so far the majority of shops havnt even bothered to help me at all, they just bluntly tell me they have nothing in that size! its becoming a reall worry! i already have my wedding dress, my dress maker had to go ahead with all the fittings ect without me having the propper lingerie because i just couldnt find a place that has my size!  my wedding is only s short while away, but i NEED to have a bra under my dress, going without isnt an option.please please please somebody help!!!



    Have you tried a 14C with one of those extender thingys?  I’m not sure what the actual name is, but you can buy them in Bras n Things.  They are a long strip of fabric with hook and eye closures, and you attach it in the middle of your bra to make the back strap a more comfortable fit.


    hi arrhews,yes i have tried a 14C but the C cup is just to big for me, as i said i have been fitted as a 16B but no such size seems to exist in commercial stores. and like i said, i have been turned away and told to go elsewhere, we have tried using the smaller size with extenders but it simply doesnt fit right.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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