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    Hi knotties! So ive recently written on here for hair and makeup recs and I am finding that all the best ones inc those you’ve recommend are already booked for my wedding in oct – understandably! I found one whose pics I love and qioted price is ok but she already has 2 trials for my date booked so to secure my wedding date I would need to book now and have a trial later (paying a 50% deposit). I know a trial beforehand is ideal amd I had been always hoping to do that I guess I just left it too late to start looking. On top of of all this, I am currently going through a pretty serious health issue which means I wont be able to do the trial for about 2 months otherwise id try and book a trial with her asap ( im currently bed bound). All very stressful I just want to book now while a good one is left and worry about the trial later as I sort of havr to do the trial later anyway. But on the other hand it worries me a bit as I know how imp a trial is.  Would be really grateful of some advice or help :( worst case scenario I guess I could book, trial as soon as I physically can and look elsewhere if It turns out badly.  I know there’s heaps of options out there but I want to get a good one as I’ve had a bad exp with makeup for an event years ago.  Feeling very stressed out please help!! Sorry for the vent just feeling very useless at the moment.



    i personally am not doing trials, i cant do trials either as i live 1000kms from my venue and hair/make-up lady, however my trial consisted of sitting with my girls and mum and we played around with what we liked and took photos and sent them to the lady so that on the day she already knows what we want :)
    my wedding is also in october and the lady i booked had someone reserved for my date but as i paid my deposit first i got her so until you pay that deposit they are free for anyone, try some trials and photos on what you want and go from there perhaps



    If its that you’re unsure of the skill of the hairdresser ask for her to provide some references to discuss with other brides she has worked with.
    best of luck



    As a makeup artisit who has done multiple weddings I cannot stress how important trials are not just for your peace of mind but also for the peace of mind of the makeup artist. There is nothing worse than rocking up on the day and the bride has no idea what she wants and/or likes. This is not only stressful for the makeup artist but also can cause delays for the bridal party. 
    I know you are bed ridden but are you able to sit up at all. In a trial all it consists of is the artist talking through what she will do and what effects she is using to highlight your best features. So it shouldnt be too exhausting. If you are not contageous I would get the trial done :)
     Try get as many trials from many different artists, which is what Im doing. I am looking more so at the products used as I am doing my own makeup. But the more trials you have done the more you can tweak and get your perfect look.
    best of luck! And I hope you get well soon 



    Our wedding was 7hrs away from our home town and as a result 95% of our wedding was planned via email and phone. I planned for 18mths as our wedding was quite substantial and Im one who likes to be organised :)
    All of our suppliers were booked (with non refundable deposits) this way, hair and make up included. Most at least 12mths prior. I done as you have, browsed for hours at pictures of their work and sussing out reco’s and blogs. Even consulted with other suppliers for their opinions and reco’s. At the end of the day I say go with your gut. I trusted my suppliers 100% and had my trials only 3mths prior to our wedding. Truth be told you will slightly or completely change the vision you have for your hair and make up, thats what trials are for. 
    Everything worked out beautifully on the day, as will yours so don’t stress! If you have found someone you want BOOK THEM! If your really unsure than maybe they aernt the ones for you? You could even call them, ask what their deposit return policy is? I know mine was 100% refundable if cancelled 90 days prior and 50% refundable if cancelled 60 days prior. If the deposit is only say $100, trial is inclusive of $60 of that then is it really worth risking missing out and ending up with someone who you dont have confidence in over $40?


    I’m not sure how far along you’ve gone now… but have you considered having the trial while you’re in bed?
    It might make you feel a little better, it would definitely show you her skill level and if worse comes to worse….you’re already laying down!
    No point in throwing good money after bad <3 hope you’re feeling better!

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