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    Hi There Knotties!
    I’m after some advice. I recently purchased the Presley gown by Sottero and Midgley (http://www.sotteroandmidgley.com/dress.aspx?style=4SS808) and am having trouble selecting a head piece to match it. 
    My fiance and I are not religious so i don’t want a traditional or mantilla veil as i don’t think it would be appropriate for a civil ceremony. 
    The theme of our wedding is “black and white vintage”, and i really love the bird cage veil look, however have been unable to find any bird cages that would match my beloved gown. 
    If anyone could suggest anything it would be much appreciated! 



    Have you considered using a headband or hair comb type headpiece? You can get these with feathers, flowers, bling etc…something you can do is buy a plain birdcage veil and then check out the cheap jewelery stores for clips or hair combs that will match. I’ve got pictures of the detail of my dress on you phone so I can match them. Etsy have some fantastic bridal accessories that are worth checking out as well. 


    Thanks for the Tips Bec!
    I actually ordered my bridal shoes a few days ago and today noticed that they do accessories. 
    They stock a plain bird cage (http://www.deseo.com.au/TOULOUSE-NET-BIRDCAGE-VEIL.html) which i think is my best option so far, and then to find a hair comb on etsy as you suggest (i’ve become a bit of an etsy junkie since becoming engaged, we’re even ordering our invites from there!) 
    My only concern is that the white of the bird cage in the link won’t match the lace or fabric of my gown. I ordered my gown in light gold satin with pewter lace overlay. 
    I guess i could always buy a test piece of lace similar to that of the bird cage and try tea staining or something similar? 



    Wow, it is a spectacular dress, I certainly wouldn’t have the figure to carry it off.
    I think it works by balancing the heavily detailed bodice with a clean, matte skirt with simple lines. a veil would probably be too much detail, especially something like a birdcage veil which can be a little busy.
    I would recommend something small and simple. Depending how you have your hair (up or down etc) I would find elements that reflect those in your dress such as similar colours and beads. Choosing things such as hair clips, pins, a very simple veil or headband.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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