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    Been a month and a half now since we tied the knot and just wanted to say it went perfectly. I micromanaged the whole thing from the begining so was very relaxed on the day of knowing nothing would go wrong. 
    My biggest piece of advice, go with vendors you trust absolutely.
    The day before when setting up the venue I cut my hand open on a glass tealight holder, it was shallow and I got a clear dressing for it for the day of, no one even noticed. The only thing it prevented was me washing my hair the night before as per H&M instructions. My sister/MOH had to help. You can see the dressing in a couple of the photos but I like it, it’s a story.
    The night before I barely got any sleep, my sister and I watched a girly movie, she chose friend’s with kids…couldn’t pick a worse movie to watch the day before your wedding, so much emotional turmoil.
    The day of the wedding I didn’t eat much, I had my bridesmaid bring food just in case and we nibbled. 
    My husband’s day was not going well. He left his tie and shirt in Sydney (2 hours from the venue) so had to buy new ones. His dad brought the wrong suit and at the last minute had to buy an entire suit, which made him run 10 minutes late for the wedding. He couldn’t get the wedding ribbons on the hire car either. Poor bloke. 
    Ceremony went perfectly, photos went well (except for getting eaten by mosquitos…lol) and the food was just amazing.
    During the dancing one of my (tipsy is an understatement) uni friends took the photographers camera off her and took a few shots…another great story (along with my drunk aunts interpretive dancing to the Dawson’s Creek theme).
    I made my own wedding playlist, strongly recommend. Used an iPod and an amp from my dad’s work.
    I had the most amazing night and the photos are just incredible, honeymoon also was amazing! Can’t wait to move out of home and continue this amazing journey with my man!



    Dramione27, thank you for sharing with us. Sounds like a wonderful day, and congratulations

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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