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    Ok so there are loads of posts about who pays for what when it comes to bridesmaids … And after much thought I have made a decision … But what about the groomsmen? 
    Same deal as bridesmaid? We pay for dresses/suits and they pay for shoes, accessories/ties etc!? 
    Any ideas ladies? 


    I would assume it’s the same deal. If you’re offering to pay for bridesmaids dresses then you also offer to rent the groomsmens suits. If the bridesmaids pay for their own dresses then the groomsmen rent their own suits. Also, if you’re pretty flexible on the dresses then be flexible on the suits. Obviously, in all cases, consider the budgets of each individual. You don’t want to ask all groomsmen to rent a tuxedo when one is loaded and another is struggling to pay weekly bills.
    Don’t forget that you not only have the suits but the ties, shoes, pocket hankies and cufflinks, etc. If you’re happy for the groomsmen to wear their own black dress shoes then great. If you require a specific colour of tie then discuss with them whether they are happy to pay of not. If the bridesmaids are wearing their own jewelery then I would say the groomsmen can organize the ties. Although, if you’re giving the bridesmaids jewelery as their gift then maybe buy cufflinks for the men?



    Our boys We are going to buy them accessories and they wear their own shoes and hire suits. Our BM are paying for their own shoes and dresses so it works out the same for the boys.



    i paid for the girls bridesmaids dresses and my partner is paying for the guys suits (jacket and pants) and vest and tie, as its only about $80 for each set of stuff for the guys, they are paying for shirts and shoes :)



    Thanks ladies, that’s what i was thinking just wanted to throw it out there :) 

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