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    Abby Weds

    I just want to share some 20 tips when choosing a best and quality services wedding photographer. I got it from wiki how source and it can be helpful to those people who are seeking tips when it comes to this decision. I hope it helps:)
    1.Decide what style of wedding photography you prefer.
    2.Decide what level of service you want from your wedding photographer.
    3.Decide how many images you would like from your wedding celebration(s).
    4.Figure out how much time and expertise you have to process your images yourself.
    5.Determine your Budget. I have known http://www.a2z.com.au wedding photography company that can offer a package deal as low as $2400!
    Great deal:)
    6.Decide how you will use your pictures.
    7.Determine what form of your pictures you will want from your photographer.
    8.Research photographers.
    9.Make a list of photographers which seem to fit your criteria for price and available format.
    10.Research each of the photographers on your list:
    11.Remove from your list any individuals with less-than-stellar records, weak references, or a style that you 12.dislike.
    13.Interview each remaining candidate on your list by phone.
    14.When interviewing make sure to ask questions about liability insurance, sales tax, do they have a back up camera/gear?
    15.Remove from your list any candidate which does not conform to your preferences or is not available on your chosen date.
    16.Make appointments and meet with each finalist face to face.
    17.Discuss with your spouse-to-be all the photographers you visited.
    18.As with any major decision, sleep on it.
    19.Call your chosen photographer and ask them to pencil you in on their calendar until you can come back to sign the contract.
    20.Confirm, confirm, confirm!
    Good luck with your final decision:)

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