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    My FW and I are planning a wedding that reflects us, and with that we also want a honeymoon that does the same. We’re torn between a small, less expensive, honeymoon in Tasmania (we live in Melbourne, Victoria) which will mean good food and some travel at a lower cost. On the other hand, though I’ve never been into travel I have always dreamt of visiting Japan and being immersed in the culture; however it will be costly to travel and stay there.
    To put things into perspective, we’re a same-sex couple, and as we are waiting for our union to be legal we have the liberty of time to save; we are also planning to have a gap between the wedding and honeymoon of at least a couple of weeks to send out Thankyou’s and wind down after such a stressful and crazy time.
    But, as I’m sure you know, weddings are very pricey, and we don’t expect much (or any) in the way of financial assistance as my maternal family were abusive and my paternal family are more conservative Jewish people, Steph’s maternal family don’t have much in the way of money and her paternal is small being just her father and sister (who is a MOH) so we have no financial expectation… Meaning we’ll most likely have to find some way to fund it all ourselves (my FW works and I’m in uni with a disability which limits me to part time work).
    Should we risk the dream honeymoon and just celebrate a once in a lifetime chance? Or should we be sensible and enjoy something simple that may not be as special, but within our budget?



    First of all, I sincerely hope you don’t have to wait too much longer to be able to get legally married. I find the whole thing absolutely ridiculous and the Australian government seriously needs to stop being so backwards! 
    Are you planning on doing any travel in the future? My fiance and I had the same dilemma. To afford the honeymoon we wanted we had to take out a loan, and we didn’t particularly want to start married life in debt. But the more we thought about it we realised that this would be our last big trip before saving for a house, paying a mortage and having kids which would put a stop to overseas travel for a while. So we got a loan and instead of worrying about the debt we’re trying to think of it as more “advanced savings” as we will be paying it off when we get back instead of saving for a couple of months. 
    Basically my point is that I think you should go for it, life is short. 


    I don’t really think that travelling to Japan and staying there for 5-7 days is expensive. You just have to bok a flight earlier to have better rates. There are tons of hotels that you can stay which are not expensive. We went there last year and stayed for 5 days. I am with three friends and my personal expenses didn’t even reach $1000. 



    I guess we’re trying to turn discrimination in the law into a positive by using the time to save and be practical; we’ve just moved into our first apartment together about 3 weeks ago and it will give us time to adjust, and be ready when the time finally does come. But it is also very difficult as a number of our family and friends have married in the last year or two. When I was younger I thought I’d never get married and wanted to be independent, but after I met Steph everything changed and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Now seeing my friends marry so easily (even sometimes to terrible partners that won’t last long) is like watching someone eat a big slice of gooey chocolate mud cake right in front of you, even if you don’t like chocolate you kind of want it.
    I’m not big on travel, but Japan has always been a little dream for me, and if I went anywhere it would be there. But like you Jennay88, I really don’t want to start our life in debt. We’re planning of having kids in the next 5 years or so, but we’ll have to go through IVF which is an expensive process. Eventually we’d also like to have our own place which means a mortgage (and housing is so expensive these days, who can afford it?) so travel in the future probably isn’t all that realistic, we’d just put it off to save and it would never happen.
    I’ve been keeping an eye out of Scoopon and such for travel packages that include a lot of things like transport and most meals, but not being experienced with overseas travel makes me nervous that I’ll get overcharged, cheated or end up in crappy hotels with a bunch of party-animals (we’re a pretty quiet couple). I wouldn’t know where to start or what to do. I just want to experience the food, culture and have a comfy hotel and not worry about scheduled toured every couple of minutes and seeing the tourist sights.

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