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    Hi Ladies,
    I am shopping for the parents gifts at the mo and am needing a touch of insperation… what are you getting yours?



    For mothers we are paying for hair and make up on the day. No ideas for fathers!



    As our wedding was a weekend away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland we drove to each of our parents accomodations the day before and gave them a box of chocolates, a bottle of their favourite wine and a handwritten thankyou card.
    For a more personal touch I gave each of my parents a small token gift as they came to see me in the bridal suite before the ceremony. I absolutely loved this gift of personalised hankerchiefs and they both cried the instant they opened it. As I said it was nothing extravegant, but just a personal gift from me to them. See link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/InspiredStitches
    Mine read:
    Verse #1 – Dad You will always be the first man I have ever loved. And I will always be your little girl. Thank you for walking by my side today and always. Love (Name) (Date)
    Verse #2 – Mum To dry your happy tears on my wedding day as you have always dried mine. Thank you for being my best friend. Love (Name) (Date)
    When you find the right gift you will know :) Goodluck!



    Thanks ladies. The words on the handkerchiefs are lovely, actually brought a tear to my eye.. I bet they loved them. We have come up with getting the parents – a bottle of wine (from the winery we are getting married at and they can drink it on our one year anniversary), a bit of art (a paint print) and chocs.. also are paying for the mums to get their hair and makeup done.. 



    I hadn’t thought of this, is it common to buy gifts for parents?



    HappyG, I think that would depend on whether the parents were putting in a lot of money for the day?  I’m not sure what the norm is, but I would think that would be it. 
    We’re paying for everything ourselves, including my Mum and MIL hair and make-up and the Dad’s suits, so I don’t think we’ll bother getting gifts for them.  If however, they were paying for most of our wedding, then I would. :)



    So far we’ve had no word on whether our parents will contribute financially, and my B2B isn’t particularly close with her mother, and I have no contact with mine. Our fathers, it would be great to give them a keepsake, however I doubt my Dad would really care too much.
    I’m not sure what we’ll do about gifts, we haven’t done the full budget yet and can’t be sure if we can accomodate expenses for hair, makeup and outfits as of yet. So we’ll have to wait and see.

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