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    <p>Hi knotties!</p>
    <p>I got engaged on January 19th 2012, with my dream ring from Tiffany & Co. We will hopefully be getting married in 2017, and I have been thinking about my wedding ring a lot lately. We both want plain yellow gold bands, and we went last year to try some on. He really liked a Wallace Bishop ring and I loved a T&Co ring. I am happy for us to get our rings from different places, but from the beginning I wanted the wedding ring to be from the same place as my engagement ring, especially since it would be easier when they needed to be resized.</p>
    <p>However, the price is crazy, and I have considered getting maybe an antique band that is more durable, or getting one made. I could also have a great grandmother’s ring, or just buy a much cheaper but good quality ring at a cheaper jeweller.</p>
    <p>Does anyone have experience in buying their rings at two different places? Do you regret that decision or are you glad you did? What do you do if/when they need resizing?</p>


    Cas M

    I have my engagement ring and wedding band from different places, theres been some mix ups with first place and their prices were out of budget so we went somewhere else. Just as long as the metals match! Eg. mine is 16k white gold so my wedding band had to be the same. This is so they don’t rub together as much and the friction doesn’t ruin your rings. Anyway that’s what i researched, better safe than sorry with how much the engagement ring was!

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    Lynn Jones

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