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    omg ladies i need help, my wedding is in october, only 4 months away and i havent made any decisions on flowers or anything flower related, only that i want a teardrop bouquet and my bridesmaids to have just round bouquets
    my issue is that our colours are champagne and blue (like a royal blue), and i have been told the only blue flowers available in october in qld are an orchid, i dont mind orchids but was wondering if anyone knows of any other flowers that are available in blue for that time of year.
    i wanted blue roses and another white flower (not sure which yet) but have been told that they dont hold the blue dye well.
    any suggestions of blue flowers or florists that could get flowers bought in, i dont mind paying fees to have them bought in from overseas


    Hmmm, I’m thinking of blue flowers as well.  What shade of blue are you thinking of?  I’m thinking of midnight blue orchids but I can’t find any either :)


    Hi Missy,
    Have you though about using silk flowers instead of real ones? I was originally going to use real flowers but I wasn’t happy with the range available so I decided to go with silk.
    I ordered them from overseas because they were cheaper and I had the option to have them made in whatever colour I wanted, right down to the shade.
    I’m so happy with them and I can reuse them once the wedding is over.



    thanks, my mum found a florist who is happy to work with whatever flowers i choose, i think i am having blue orchids and ivory cream roses :) all fresh, i dont like the idea of silk flowers (already got that for a throwaway bouquet) but i am having my bouquet preserved and framed with our fancy marriage certificate, have always wanted real flowers, thanks for the ideas ladies

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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