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    So we think we’ve found our wedding photographer who has some very competitive pricing but as this wedding business is an expensive exercise are looking at ways to keep costs down.  Obviously if we don’t get a wedding album we can save ourselves a bit of money and then pay to get one done at a later date.  Has anyone done this or doing this?  If you decided to do this, did you actually end up getting the album?



    It really depends on a number of factors: what sort of albums they have to offer (you can reduce the cost by reducing the number of albums, size, quality, paper-type, cover, layout and number of photos as well as design and customisation), whether they outsource or do it in-house, what your contract stipulates and whether or not you will be recieving the images in a high-resoution digital format.I’m a designer, so this is my field, photographers can be difficult because copyright is a huge issue. You have to have them transfer the copyright to you or give express permission for use in order to legally print your own albums and use another service. Some brides do the wrong thing and steal the images off the website/portfolio which is not only illegal and morally wrong, but can lead to getting sued. In order to do the right thing you need to pay for transfer of copyright (which can cost major $$ as it means you own the rights to their art, and some photographers can be quite precious about that), and you need to look carefully into copyright law as there are different types of limitations that can be applied (including payment of royalties).Often, the price of having the high resolution files (never pay for low res, there’s no point and you may think youre saving money, but you’re wasting it) is similar to having prints, but just because you have the files, doesn’t mean you can use it as an album, for that you need to have permission by the copyright owner or have control of the copyright. So when you add it up, the savings may not make a huge difference.Then you have the added cost of going through a service at a later time to have the album made (unless you are proficient with InDesign – which is expensive software), there are services online that are less expensive as you basically do it yourself through a CMS (content management system); but they’re basic and very limited, getting the look you want (or fits with your wedding design elements) is very difficult, and without experience they can look quite basic and unprofessional.Basically it takes a lot more effort and personal involvement. If you want a no-fuss solution, go to a photographer, designer or someone who specialises in wedding albums and work around the budget. But if you can’t afford it right now, or the contract doesn’t offer what you want, invest the extra effort and try it out yourself. If you have the rights to the images, you could make prints yourself (or go to a professional printer, which is advised) and make a hand-made bespoke album with scrap-booking supplies.

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