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    Hi fellow Brides,

    I just want to ask if anyone else have had this problem before.

    I found the dress that I love, absolutely love and I really really want that dress for my special day. It is a little more expensive (the dress is about $9000) then I would like it but that aside, I have found the service that they provide really really atrocious. In fact, it is upsetting me quite a little bit.

    As I am based in Melbourne, the place where I want to get my dress from is in Adelaide. So after flying down to Adelaide to try out the dress and get myself measured, they have 1 week after that meeting sent me a quote (which is more then acceptable time frame). However, since come back from the summer holidays, I have since replied them and told them I accept the quote and would like to go ahead with the order. Day 1 – No reply. Fine. Day 2 – Still no reply. Fine. I am at Day 5 now and still no reply. So I have finally got impatient from waiting and finally rang them – to my amazement – they not only have not checked my email but did not even know/remember me.

    With the amount of money that I am paying for the dress, I expected at least SOME decent service. I have visited a few other bridal store before I have decided on the dress. And all other bridal stores that I have visited has made me feel like they cared about making my day special and that the dress would definitely look amazing on me etc etc. They were really friendly, fast in responding their emails or organizing appointment times. And trust me, their dresses only costed half the price of what I am paying now. After all the dress is not just suppose to look good on the day (that’s important) but also the journey to the actual wedding day is important on it’s own. It’s a story that lives with for the rest of your life, and now I am not sure if I want to buy my dress from them anymore based on the really not so great service that I am getting.

    Now I don’t know what to do – and if I should get the dress from them anymore. Imagine the fittings to come and the slow response/feedback to keep me up to date with the progress of me dress.

    Advice anyone?


    why not change one??
    may be you can browse this online brand ( gbridal ),i have bought three,nice.customer service also good


    It doesn’t sound very good. Maybe you should try and find another designer to make your dress as you are spending a lot of money and I know I would want to feel comfortable about the service. I’m engaged myself and I have been a few bridal designers in Sydney who have been really nice. I have now ordered my dress to be made with Philippa Galasso and her service is great! I’m having a custom gown made and she guides me through every step of the process. I’m so excited to see the dress all finished! You should try and find a designer who you love :)
    I hope this helps you!


    That sounds terrify as you have paid so much money. I would suggest to change an supplier as well.

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