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    I’ve been screaching for the perfect dress for over a year now and i have finally found it! ‘Twilight’by Brides desire. Only problem is i can’t afford the $4,500 price tag :( I tought about trying to find it second hand but i just cant find it anywhere. Would anyone know where i could find this dress second hand? or know of anyone selling it in a size 14-18? or know of a place online that could make a replica? 
    Thanks Charity


    Eric James

    If you are searching for a [url=http://camilla.com.au/shop/kaftans-2/formal.html]cocktail dresses[/url], you can find it easily on a low price.  There are many designers who can make a replica of that dress. I will inform as soon as I searched them.



    Have a look at weddingdressexpress.com.au, they can recreate your designer dress at a fraction of the price (we’re looking into custom dresses through them) and they can add/remove or change elements, custom size it so you don’t have to pay extra on alterations.


    Hi, I personally don’t think is good idea order an imitation designer gowns for your big day. There is a lot of designer sample gowns or past seasons designer gowns in affordable price. You might not be able to get the exact gown that you’re looking for but there is still thousand of similar gowns out there. You can reassure the quality of gown if you purchase an authentic designer. I guess most of the people can easily find out the different between a designer and imitation good. You don’t want this happen to you on your big day.
    I am running an online bridal gowns shop is to help those brides with right budget but still can afford to buy their dream gown. Check out my online store http://www.daffodilbridal.com.au. You might find some gown that you like.
    Good luck!


    <p>Hi – you could put out a request on this facebook group. It’s for brides buying and selling designer-only (no knock-offs) wedding dresses https://www.facebook.com/groups/725063397563620</p&gt;


    <p>Oh, $4500 is a little expensive. I think you can buy the new dress which you will affordable, the second dress is not very good for you. You can find many cheap wedding dresses on the internet. It maybe fit you.</p>


    recommend you a online site,run for wedding dresses.I have bought an wedding dress at here.very nice.95% similarity.at it’s price is $280.

    i can not post my dress pic,so just post one link i bought.

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    I would highly recommend StillWhite or second hand sites


    Chris Lee

    If you can’t afford to buy such an expensive dress, you can get a cheap high quality dress at adasbridal.

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